Top 10 Amazon car gadgets of 2019

Affordable essentials for your car you can purchase online

Black Friday sales are on the loose and Christmas is right around the corner, so why not treat yourself to a little something with your hard earned dollars?

These are 10 gadgets that will enhance your driving experience, improve ambience or add practicality to your vehicle. I have provided links to Amazon after each product's showcase but be aware some prices are currently subject to Black Friday deals and may change after Friday the 29th of November.

10. Wireless charging phone cradle – £16.99

You are on the way home from work and your phone's battery is almost flat. Thankfully you remembered to bring your charging cable and you proceed to power your device by connecting it to the car's charger port. Where do you place your phone though? In the cupholder perhaps? Trouble is, it will be rattling around in there annoying you with every corner you round or pothole you drive over.

Well worry no more – this airvent-mounted cradle will firmly lock your device in place, allowing you to view Google Maps as your GPS whilst driving. This particular product features Qi-certified wireless charging for your device too – negating the need for that messy charging cable. Click here to get one for yourself.

9. Electric thermos & portable coffee machine – £14.95 to £136.00

Are you the kind of individual who rushes to the car in the morning and lacks the precious time to enjoy your tea or coffee? Take your beverage with you and keep it warm with this electric thermos that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter port.

The cup maintains your drink at a maximum temperature of 60˚C to ensure you won't burn your tongue.

Don't have time to make coffee? You could get this portable espresso maker – but do keep in mind that it may get messy. Once again, it's powered by the cigarette lighter port in your vehicle. You can view the Handpresso by clicking here and the thermos over here.

8. Emergency tool kit – £29.99

It's a painful feeling being stranded on the side of the road in your broken down vehicle. But if you have the mechanical skills to revive your car then why should you wait for the AA truck?

Plant the hazard safety triangles, grab a screwdriver and get cracking under the bonnet. This kit even comes with gloves, a high-visibility jacket, an LED flashlight and a tire-pressure gauge.

And don't worry, the added first aid kit will ensure you'll leave with your skin intact. This tool kit could be the difference between reaching that job interview in time and missing out. Get yours right here.

7. Portable vacuum – £24.99

Do you have kids? Do you snack in your car? If so, you'll know the mess this can leave in your – ahem – otherwise pristine vehicle. If you're fed up of crumbs covering your seats and floor mats, this vacuum cleaner could be the answer. It connects to the cigarette lighter port of your vehicle and will suck up every last speck of dust. It has a few different attachments, allowing you to pick the right tool to help remove the fine dust from the airvents. It even features an LED light so you can fulfil your OCD desires at night. Order yours by clicking here.

6. Reversing camera – £31.19 to £94.99

Did you know that reversing cameras are mandatory in all new vehicles sold in the US as of 2018? Granted, if you need a reversing camera to park you should perhaps consider retaking your driving test, however there is nothing wrong with a device that simplifies your life.

On your own or with the help of an expert, wire the camera with the reverse light and to the provided LCD monitor. Don't worry, there is also a wireless version.

After that, you will be able to view every atom behind your vehicle and prevent driving over the bicycle that little Timmy left on the driveway. You can view the wired product by clicking here and the wireless version over here.

5. Portable refrigerator – £44.99

It's an unusually warm day in the UK and you have finished playing golf for the afternoon. Your competitors make their way to their Mercedes-Benz S-Classes to be chauffeured off and enjoy their champagne from the car's refrigerator.

You don't own that luxury icon yet – but this portable fridge could be a substitute replacement for the meantime.

It connects to your cigarette lighter port and insulates its contents from the outside world. Until you can afford that chauffeur, an icy cold bottle of water will be a suitable beverage for your journey home. And yes, it can also be used to keep drinks warm. You can view the product by clicking here.

4. Onboard camera – £28.99

I would like to think that every reader already owns a dashcam as they can be really handy. What if someone hits your car with no witnesses and leaves no note? What if you capture a serious road crime or accident and the power is in your hands to change the tides of a case? All you have to do is mount the camera and connect it into the cigarette lighter port of your vehicle.

The device does have an in built battery for emergencies and it can also detect motion within its line-of-sight. You can order yours by clicking here or the slightly less expensive alternative over here.

3. Interior ambient lighting – £11.99 to £19.99

Not exact product

Not exact product

Ambient lighting is a feature usually found on premium vehicles, leaving the rest of us with a standard dark and depressing cabin at night. But this modification is easy to fit, affordable and makes a noticeable difference.

Install the adhesive LED strips on the underside of the driver and passenger footwells, plug the device into the cigarette lighter port and select any colour using the complementary app on your phone.

Whatever you do, do not install these on the exterior of your vehicle as the days of Need for Speed Underground are over. You can view the product by clicking here or the more affordable infrared remote version over here.

2. AUX to Bluetooth adapter - £11.99

Does your car lack Bluetooth and still use an AUX jack? Say goodbye to cables with this simple device that allows your vehicle's sound system to receive audio from your phone.

Simply plug it into the AUX port, turn it on and connect your phone via Bluetooth. You will then be able to stream music seamlessly to your stereo without the hassle of untangling cables. Buy yours right here.

1. Heads-Up Display – £31.09 to £79.99

Never receive a speeding ticket for drifting 5mph above the speed limit ever again with this simple product.

All you need to do is firmly install the device above the dashboard in front of you and connect it to the car's computer (the port is usually located underneath the dashboard) using an OBD II cable.

The device then retrieves all relevant driving data, including your speed, fuel consumption, battery voltage, water temperature and GPS information; all of which can be configured. You can probably say goodbye to your gauge cluster at this point. Grab yours by clicking here, or get a less expensive alternative over here.

Which one takes your fancy?

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments...

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