Top 10 best rotary videos on the internet

Mitchell Jones - 28/4/2017

There’s a section of car enthusiasts out there who think pistons are pathetic, and the bwap-bwap of a rotary is pure music. Invented by German Felix Wankel in the 1950s, the rotary engine is unique in that it doesn’t use a conventional valvetrain or crankshaft and is the only mainstream engine to do away with them. As a result, they have less reciprocating mass and high efficiency, with mass tuning potential, and lots of revs. Longevity is cited as a downside but they are definitely unique.

Mazda became the custodian of the rotary engine, with its RX-series sports cars and racing cars. There are rumours of its return, albeit as a range-extender for a plug-in hybrid. We've collected ten of the wildest and most interesting examples of rotary porn we can find and put them together in one place for you. Read the full article: or check out the Mazda 787B below to get started.

Mazda 787B Le Mans

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