Top 10 British Motorist Grub

Love a bit of British Grub

3y ago

Anything from Greggs

It is a well known fact that anything and everything from Greggs is pure motorist heaven

Drumstick Squashies


Apple or Banana

It doesn't get more fun than chucking the core of an apple or banana skin out of your car window once you have eaten it. Is that just me?


Since we can't drink and drive (not that anyone can) we use these as a substitute.

Ginsters Cornish Pasty

Like the sausage roll, the pasty is also very messy to eat but definitely worth it.

Maccies Drive Thru innit

It seems to be the done thing to go to pile as many of your mates as possible in your first car and go to Mcdonalds drive thru. No matter how many times you stall!

Hula Hoops

I think this picture says it all really!

Simpkins Travel Sweets

If you know, you know

Good Old Bovril

Ok, this last one might not be true, but you can't go wrong with a hot cup of thick gravy.

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Comments (15)

  • You making me hungry here. LOL

      3 years ago
    • I bet it’s the bovril😂

        3 years ago
    • Funny enough when I saw the bovril I got so hungry I started chewing my clothes. Lol. This is one way to make people want food. Great post. 🍕

        3 years ago
  • Greggs is the devils work... I haven't had anything from there for 6 years after a chicken pizza tried to kill me

      3 years ago
  • Maccies drivethru FTW

      3 years ago
  • Fish and Chips!?

      3 years ago
    • Far too messy! You need atleast a fork for that

        3 years ago
    • Be a man.

      Also, as good as Greggs is, makes a mess everywhere especially if you're snacking in the car.

        3 years ago