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Top 10 Coolest Restomods and Reboots that Money Can Buy

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2y ago

Joni Rimm, a huge fan of Sharon Stone, once paid $50,000 for a passionate kiss with her. Crazy? Eh, who am I to judge. I’m a huge fan car fan, and I’d pay much more for any of these 10 old looking cars with modern tech.

Too bad I’m poor. Maybe if I start selling kisses through Butters' Kissing Company?

10 - Alfaholics GTA-R 290 ($200K)

Credits: Top Gear

Credits: Top Gear

Generally, it is very easy to improve the Alfa Romeo - just tighten the screws properly, but Alfaholics went far beyond just that.

For starters, they picked the absolutely gorgeous 1965 Giulia GTA, a little sporty car with big Italian flair, and then dialed it up to the max! The end result is quite possibly the best Alfa Romeo ever made. Everything about it was triple-distilled, so it’s still very race-oriented, but it won’t break any records. Instead, it will glide around, swinging that low hanging ass beautifully through the corners, while making an adorable 4-cylinder buzz.

Because of the heavy use of carbon-fiber, the R290 is trimmed down to barely over 800kg, but a better side-effect of that is the fact that this Alfa Romeo is uniquely... rust proof.

9 - Equus Bass 770 ($300K)

Credits: Equus Automotive

Credits: Equus Automotive

Ah yes, the American muscle car is a perfect candidate for a little touchup. But what happens when little turns into a lot? You get the Equus Bass 770! A fully custom made, from the ground up retro American muscle – on steroids!

It started as a 67’ Mustang Fastback, but during the development, it morphed its own identity with a new front, back, chassis, suspension, aluminum-carbon construction... everything. There isn’t a single piece that could be retrofitted on the old model.

Even the engine is a hand-built 6.2L supercharged V8 placed right behind the front wheels. That makes it a mid-engine car, like the Ferrari, with the same amount of power as Ferrari, and if you ask me, a lot more presence than the Ferrari.

Some say it can even do corners.

8 - Lancia Delta Futurista ($350K)

Credits: EV

Credits: EV

The last great car Lancia made ever was the Delta, or as everyone knows it – the most successful rally car in history! But those times really are history, and ever since all their cars were merely turd nuggets.

Enter the Delta Futurista, a car that makes Lancia great again!

It’s spectacular. That black nose is wholly made of carbon fiber, the arches are hand-beaten aluminum, the seats are Recaro, and the whole thing weighs 90kg (200lbs) less than the original one. That’s like scraping enough material of it to mold a full-size Alec Baldwin!

The drivetrain has had a thorough update too, but they wouldn’t want to mention any performance figures. This is a project of passion and love, not numbers. That is unless you ask about the price number.

7 - Jaguar E-Type Zero ($390K)

Credits: Jaguar

Credits: Jaguar

Back in the 60s when the E-type was introduced, it was faster, more affordable and more beautiful than any Ferrari. Those aren’t just my words - that’s what Enzo Ferrari said.

Now Jaguar is trying to preserve it for the future too by converting it into an electric car. This is all wrong! E-Type is the essence of motoring, the magic of turning explosions into motion into smiles. It’s about you working the revs, changing gears, and making noise. All of that is gone after the conversion, and I’m not sure if the new benefits will make up for it.

But I can tell you this – the E-Type Zero will be the most beautiful car to run you over since you never heard it coming. Put that in your CV!

6 - Mechatronik W111 ($460K)

Credits: Mechatronik

Credits: Mechatronik

If there is one thing the Americans knew how to build, it was those big and luxurious coupes from the 60s. They were both brutish and magnificent!

However, if you are looking for something more stylish and elegant but wouldn’t want to give up the grunt – good news! A German company is building just that – the Mechatronic W111.

This 50-year-old Merc was clearly inspired by the American design, with its long lines, pillarless doors, and even the rocket fins at the back. But now it also comes with the latest 5.5L supercharged V8, a modern suspension, automatic climate control, and all the other safety features straight out of the 2018 S-Class.

Just be careful not to go to Vegas, get drunk and put a Bengal tiger in it.

5 - Ares Panter ($600K)

Credits: Ares Design

Credits: Ares Design

Instead of updating the Pantera with modern touches, a small company in Italy is doing it the other way around. Take the latest Italian supercar and turn it into a reimagination of 2019 would be DeTomaso masterpiece!

Underneath this sexy body made of carbon fiber, and pop-up headlights, you’ll find a Lamborghini Huracan – a true supercar. But while that would be enough performance for most people, in Ares, they are thinking... bigger.

The V10 is enlarged from 5.2 to 5.6L so now it makes even more power – 650hp. And it shifts quicker.

The interior too is fully redesigned, but never mind that, never mind the power, and all the carbon fiber; it’s a freaking Pantera 2019! It looks excellent, roars like a predator and it has pop-up headlights.

4 - David Brown Speedback GT ($650K)

Credits: Autocar

Credits: Autocar

If you feel like the recent Aston Martins are too sporty, and not enough ‘Connery,’ I present you the Speedback GT – a homage to the 50-year-old DB5.

From the hand-beaten and rolled bosomy lines, chrome bumpers and all the way to wire wheels, this car feels like it belongs in the faded photographs of the jet-set era.

But actually, it belongs behind an Instagram filter, because this car is thoroughly modern. Based on the latest Jaguar XK it makes sure it comes with all the safety features, multimedia gizmos, flappy-paddle gearbox and a supercharged V8 that’s been tuned for discrete performance. Add another 8000 hours of the finest coachbuilding and you have the Speedback GT - a car for people with Roman numerals in their names.

3 - Porsche 935 'Moby Dick' ($815K)

Credits: Porsche

Credits: Porsche

For their 70th birthday, Porsche grabbed a few latest 911 GT2 RS’s and turned them into a reincarnation of a legendary Moby Dick racer from the 70s.

Now, the 700hp GT2 RS was already the fastest road legal car ever to lap the Nürburgring even before all the racing bits that make up the modern Dick. I’m talking about the titanium exhaust, turbo-fan wheels, Le-Mans side mirrors, airplane wing, streamlined carbon-fiber body panels, stripped interior and a long cape that would make any superhero jealous.

All that together makes it a whole Alec Baldwin lighter than the GT2 RS, a lot faster and much more limited; Only 77 lucky customers will get the Dick, and they can use it only for sports, not in the public...roads.

2 - Eagle Low Drag GT ($1.250M)

Credits: Autocar

Credits: Autocar

There was a single racing concept of the E-Type which never got to do its job, but now it serves as an inspiration for the second most expensive restomod in the world – The Low Drag GT. It is lower, lighter, faster and possibly the most beautiful Jag in the world.

The Eagle is not a 100% accurate replica of the original. For starters, it is road legal, and it comes with some creature comforts. All the body panels are hand-made of lightweight aluminum and don’t fit any other car. And so is the gearbox and the engine – both bespoke and aluminum.

And they didn’t overdo it with the performance. It’s still an E-Type, only a one that works properly. They did, however, overdo it with the looks. My God, it’s beautiful!

1 - Singer 911 DLS ($1.800M)

Credits: Singer Automotive

Credits: Singer Automotive

Singer says ‘Everything is important.’ Nowhere does it show as well as with their latest and greatest 911 creation ever. Pick any detail, anything, and you could get lost in the beauty and function of it. The roof spoiler, window air intakes, dished wheels, carbon skirts, piercing lights, exposed gear linkage, leather-wrapped scaffolding, the engine bay... I could go on forever.

The engine is still air-cooled as it should be in an old 911, but it was developed by F1 Williams team, makes 500hp and sounds like a God playing the electric guitar! Plus, the whole car weighs less than my wife’s travel bag. Probably.

The Singer DLS in on par with Koenigsegg when it comes to technical engineering, Pagani in terms of art, and 458 Speciale regarding the driving experience. It is the best car in the World.

So there you have it, 10 cars I'd sell kisses for

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  • I am angered by the fact that more people favoured the electric E Type over the W111.

      2 years ago
  • Sorry, but that David brown thing is hideous...

    But other than that, id take any of them.

      2 years ago
  • I even saw some of it in real life, (like the E type Zero and the Speeedback), but I can say that I am not fan at all of these restomods, so I didn't vote. But I appreciated the effort of compiling this list :). It was quite some fun to browse through.

      2 years ago
  • Sorry but the Alfaholics GTA-R deserves a mention... It is a lovely looking car and more so when going sideways!!!!

      2 years ago
  • Singer please.

      2 years ago