Top 10 Dream Cars Under £50,000

Here's the best things you can get for under £50k

2y ago

1. Aston Martin V8 Vantage 2007 - £30,900

The Aston Martin V8 Vantage is by far one of my favourite cars on this list. To me, it sums up what a grand tourer should be. It has a big 4.3L V8 which produces around 380 bhp which is all anyone needs at the end of the day. Especially in a silver colour, it's a true gentleman's car. You can pick one of these up on Autotrader for around £30-40k which is fantastic. They may have 60k+ miles on the clock but get a manual and you won't regret it.

2. Porsche 981 Boxster S - £30,995

The Porsche 981 Boxster S is arguably the best convertible sports car you can buy for around the £30k mark. No further questions. The Boxster S has a 3.4L producing 315 bhp which for a two-seater sports car is absolutely perfect. Last week I spent the day driving on some lovely open roads in one of these and the acceleration and cornering capability is like nothing i've ever driven before. You can get one of these on Autotrader for around £30-35k, so similar to the Vantage but arguably more weekend fun. This car will bring out your inner-child.

3. Jaguar XKR 2012 - £35,000

With a 5.0L Supercharged V8, this is by far the most aggressive sounding cars on the list. For the price, it's difficult to get a better growling V8. The interior of the XKR is exceptional. It's very plush and very British. Just by looking at this car, whether you're a petrolhead or not, looks aggressive, every single part of it. These go for around £35-40k on Autotrader which I think is a great price for this.

4. Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II - £10,500

Now, I know what you are thinking, why on earth is an old Rolls Royce on this list? Well, it's just pure class isn't it? Rolls Royce is the epitome of automotive luxury and this is the best you can get for under £50k, a lot under in fact! With your £10k you get a 6.2L V8 producing 175 bhp but you don't need a lot when you have a Rolls. The interior is as you would expect, lovely. I bet all of their interiors smell so good in the present day, a lovely mixture of British leathers, old cigar smells, 70s perfumes and british engineering.

5. BMW E30 M3 - £49,950

You'd be lucky to find one of these gems for under £50k but there is one currently for sale on Autotrader for £49,950. It may not be the best example but how could you refuse? This is what started the legendary M3 that we now have today. Some may even say it sparked the thought of the M2 we have today which is without a doubt a fab car.

6. Ferrari 360 Modena - £45,000

I am very glad to say there is a Ferrari on this list. The Ferrari 360 is a great car, yes it may not always work and may fall apart but it's a Ferrari, it has character. With a 3.6L V8 producing 395 bhp, it certainly has enough power. It will have lost some over the last 17 years but that doesn't mean it can't be great! There is one currently on Autotrader for £45,000 but I think they are on the rise, so get in the pot while you can!

7. Audi R8 Gen 1 - £39,995

I have been fortunate enough to experience one of these from the passenger seat and it was awesome. Admittedly that was the V10 version and the one I have put in this list is a 4.2L V8 but a great car nonetheless. The fact that you can get over 400 bhp in a baby supercar for under £40k is a great deal. This is the perfect first 'supercar' for anyone in the market for one.

8. Morgan 3 Wheeler £34,995

Now, before you say this isn't a car, you're wrong. This is very much a car and you need a drivers license to drive one. I needed something rather quirky on this list so here it is. Not bad right? It does have a Harley Davidson engine but that means it's incredibly light and very nimble! Just like a motorbike but with three wheels. Launched in 2012, it certainly has a lovely vintage look, but then again, all Morgan's do.

9. BMW E39 M5 - £44,995

This is a fantastic car and well worth the money. You can get some much cheaper but you don't want to get one too cheap! With a 4.9L V8, it definitely sounds the part. This definitely gives the XKR a run for its money. This is probably the best family performance saloon on a budget. They're powerful enough with almost 400 bhp and once you straight pipe it, you won't regret it...

10. Alfa Romeo 4C - £38,000

Known as the 'pocket rocket' the Alfa Romeo 4C is a great city sports car (if you ever had the need/money for that!). They have held their value very well. With the car only weighing 895 kg and it having a 1.7L turbocharged inline 4 with around 240 bhp it is a wicked car to throw around British b roads or winding European roads, but not for long as the ride and overall comfort isn't the best out there!

Which car would you have for £50,000

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Comments (44)

  • Don't believe the hype, there is no such thing as a cheap supercar. That Ferrari in the photo has a somewhat questionable past; registered in 2000 but first MOT in 2008 and the next one in 2015. It's been SORN for 2 years, I reckon you're probably looking at £10k to put it back on the road assuming it's been started and serviced regularly, etc. Also, I can't see it on Autotrader.

    The one I do see on Autotrader for £45k, a silver 360, has 145k miles, which isn't a problem in itself but it also has a huge list of MOT issues that appear one year, disappear the next year and reappear the year after. That's dodgy as hell and it screams scum dealer who self-passed it MOT to sell on without fixing anything. Also, it looks like the current owner has been doing 20k miles a year in it since 2009. Kudos but based on my limited experience with Italian supercar ownership, unless a receipt is produced for every single thing, I reckon that car probably needs £20k of work, maybe even closer to £30k. Even the ones around £60k appear to need TLC.

      2 years ago
  • M5 is old school n/a proper M engine car. Last good looking 5 series too

      2 years ago
  • 100% the BMW M5!

      2 years ago
  • I'll have the XKR please 👍🏼👌🏻

      2 years ago
  • If a 1JZ costs cheap and the E30 price stays stable, I might have my dream budget build

      2 years ago