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Top 10 Entry Door Handles of All Time

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The exterior door handles are one of the last thoughts that go into the design of a vehicle. Oft overlooked, these functional necessities can make or break the door styling.

However, some manufacturers dedicate extra attention in order to create aerodynamic, stylish or ultra-cool designs. All rankings are based upon functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics.

10. Toyota CH-R

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The adequate spacing behind the handle ensures it can be pulled with ease in the event of ice buildup. The trapezoidal shape of the housing and the door lever is in trend with the vehicle's overall design, providing a cool and futuristic design. Even the two-tone paintwork for the handle to match the bodywork can be appreciated.

9. Chevrolet Corvette (C3)

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It's metal, heavy and located on the top of the door, an usual placement for a door handle. As solid and brilliant as it may appear, there have been owner complaints about its reliability. It would not hold too well against ice buildup either due to inadequate spacing around the door lever. Additionally, it would have been better if the lock was more compact and less noticeable.

8. Lamborghini Huracán

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Continuing the theme of hexagons in the vehicle, the door lever and its housing are shaped as elongated hexagons. Having the door handles flush with the door panel allows for increased aerodynamics and a sleek design. The build quality is exceptional, however one would question its durability against ice buildup. Then again, you would not park a Huracan outside in the snow.

7. McLaren MP4-12C

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There is no door lever, instead you run your hand along the bottom of the door's ridge and an electronic sensor will release the dihedral doors. Unfortunately, there is no redundant keyhole for manually unlocking the door. This means you cannot let both the batteries of the car and key go flat, a disadvantage to secondary owners who cannot afford to maintain a trickle charger.

Many current McLarens still use similar technology, however their sensor's location was obvious and marked in grey. The MP4-12C's was concealed in the exterior paint colour.

6. TVR Tuscan & Spyker C8

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As Jeremy Clarkson demonstrated, unless you are the owner of a TVR, you will never discover how to unlock the car. There is no door handle or fancy sensor mechanism, but rather a simple button below the door mirror. Being a wild and exotic supercar, one would wish that the button was body-coloured or made of carbon-fibre instead.

The Spyker C8 also has buttons on the door mirrors, however it's on the inside hinge and even less accessible. To compensate, the doors can be remotely opened with the key.

5. Range Rover Velar

Credit: Autocar

The principle is simple, the door handles sit flush with the body to improve aerodynamics and electronically extrude when the car is unlocked. This method shatters any ice build up and creates an interesting show when unlocking. It would have been ever better if the black plastic was replaced with smooth metal components, however it is still brilliant.

4. Aston Martin DB11

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The oval door handles sit flush to improve aerodynamics and style. The required point of pressure to pull the door handle has two deleted notches to allow for a textured grip. It's simplistic, clean and it works as intended. The redundant keyhole is easily accessible too.

3. Tesla Model S

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Like the Velar, these door handles extrude when the car is unlocked. They follow the shape of a dagger's blade and have a chrome finish. Similar to the Velar, small LEDs on the underside illuminate to act as entry lights, a great feature if you live in a dark and dangerous environment. The handles are light gently retract, preventing your hand from being crushed.

2. Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition

Credit: Hagerty

The Coach Door Edition features suicide doors, meaning the door handles are located along the stem of the B-Pillar. They're solid, heavy and easy to unlock with the hidden button on the inside of the handle. As a redundant unlocking system, you can insert a passcode on the B-Pillar's electronic panel, a rare sight on any car today.

1. Rolls-Royce Wraith

Credit: Autocar UK

This is arguably the most well-built door handle of all time. It is elongated, wide and heavy, attributes that remind the valet that this car costs a small fortune and should be treated with grace. It aligns with the fender trim to create the illusion of a larger door handle. The entry lights on the underside aid your entry at night too.

Thanks for reading, are there any better door handles out there?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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