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Top 10 Funniest Car Ads, Ever?

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2y ago

Sex sells, but at a close second is a good joke. I mean, who doesn't like to laugh? The marketing people know that and s, they put their wits together to sell you something when you are feeling particularly good. Here are some of the best examples

10 - Mercedes rides like a dancing chicken

Chickens have this creepy ability to keep their gaze focused at a point so hard, you could even move them around and they will not budge. Hardly a selling point, unless you ad a funny music and compare them to a suspension. Good job Mercedes.

9 - Hyundai can help you ruin your daughter's First Date

One of the biggest fears any father would have is to see his baby-girl go on a first date. But thanks to Hyundai, you can spy on it, if that would make you feel any better. Plus, Kevin Hart is in the ad, and if he can't make you laugh...

8 - Volkswagen remote key control

I love good tech in cars. The more, the better. However, there are people who are strongly against it; but hopefully, after watching this ad they might see the error of their ways.

7 - Fiat 500 Abarth is Seductive

Don't you feel like some cars have personalities? I do, and so do people in Abarth when they decided to show how flamboyant and hot their new hot-hatch can be.

6 - Don't touch my Fiat

There's an unwritten rule: DO NOT TOUCH MY CAR. Don't lean on it, don't breathe on it, better yet, don't look at it. This cyclist should've known better.

5 - Ford does hidden camera ad

You know how you turn all russian-gymnastics when parked close to another car and you want to get out without denting the other vehicle? Now watch how sumo wrestlers do it in this brilliant hidden camera ad for Ford Focus.

4 - Powerful Hilux will make you say Bugger

With great power comes great responsibility - so better be gentle with it. But if you are on the wild island of New Zealand, even if anything bad happens, all you can say is just 'Bugger'!

3 - Escape the Stress with Audi Tech

If you are so under the pressure that it feels like you could die, or worse, you are in a life threatening-situation; well, Audi will cocoon you, wine and dine you, massage you... You will forget that you were in an action movie.

2 - Volkswagen can't handle the Sith Lord

Volkswagen has the best ad in history, and not just for a car, but generally. 'The Force' is the most view and most shared Superbowl ad ever, and I'd be surprised if this is the first time you're watching it.

1 - Scirocco TDI goes Berlin to Warshaw in one tank

Top Gear took up the challenge to make an ad for diesel Scirocco. In the usual 'how hard can it be' fashion, they made a complete mess of it. Still, Jeremy's invasion of Poland is an absolute gem. It will never be approved to be shown on TV, and that is why it will never be topped! Best ad ever!

Written by: Styp P

Youtube: TopCars TV

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  • What? You missed the jaguar version of that mercedes ad youtu.be/3PQS8SFWNQw

      2 years ago
  • The bugger ones are priceless🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

      2 years ago
  • The Fiat is (bleeeep). But the ad had me in stitches!

      2 years ago
  • Awesome post !!😁

      2 years ago
  • IMHO - this is the funniest car ad. All the more due to dieselgate...


      2 years ago