Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards - Bahrain Grand Prix 2020

This week: Bottas stars in new film, Ferrari car manual revealed, Vettel drinking game, kangaroos & it was a case of drop and roll for Stroll

6w ago

That was a tough race, wasn't it?

An absolutely horrific crash on the opening lap saw Grosjean's car crash into the barriers and burst into flames. Thankfully, he managed to clamber out of the flames and according to latest FIA report, was conscious at all times and has been taken to hospital for evaluation.

An hour and a half later, the lights went out again under the dark desert sky and by the end of the first lap we had a safety car. Lance Stroll hit one of the kerbs, his car launched itself into the air and Lance found himself dangling upside down on the track.

Finally, on lap 9 we managed to get the first full lap of racing, without incident.

From then on, the race was a little bit dull. There were flashes of excitement as Sainz overtook Leclerc (at least twice), the Renault pair jostling for position and George Russell keeping Sebastian Vettel at bay. (Now who'd have thought that would be a sentence I'd be writing this year?)

Three laps before the end, Perez's Racing Point decided to start smoking and came to a halt at the side of the track, meaning the race finished under the safety car.

Not too many entries on the Funniest Tweets this week, but I have cobbled together a top 10. So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Bahrain Grand Prix 2020:

10th place

@tarasdemerson for bringing our attention to yet another great name combination ... almost as good as BUT GRO PER ...

9th place

@FormulaUno summing up Bottas's race in one tweet, where, after a disastrous start which saw him slide down to p6, an equally bad restart saw him pick up a puncture, pit and spend the majority of the race out of the points before managing to climb to the heady heights of P9.

8th place

@timwagner66 with live onboard footage of Ricciardo's car during the first part of the race.

7th place

@AlphaSpookster with a sneak-peak at Ferrari's car manual for this year's car!

6th place

@MotorsportWeek playing the Vettel spins drinking game ...

5th place

@reg_666 with live footage of Max Verstappen's car as he complained it was jumping around like a kangaroo...

4th place

@Rone11e with an accurate description of the Halo's day at the office today.

3rd place

@CharlieBartman with unseen, live onboard footage of the fight between the Renaults.

2nd place

@andersonglenn05 with live footage of Kvyat at the beginning of the race.

1st place

This week's winner is @TomThe MadHatter with live footage of Stroll extricating himself from his upside-down Racing Point ... as you do ...

And that's it for this week. Hopefully some of these made you laugh. Let me know in the comments which ones were your favourites.

The Funniest Tweet Awards will be back next week after the next Bahrain GP.

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Comments (5)

  • I’ll go check the tweets in a mo.

    Firstly, what a bloody awful crash!

    I’ve been watching F1 a long, long time. I’ve seen some terrible crashes, seen drivers lose their lives. That was right up there with the worst of them!

    50g impact! I’m amazed the force alone didn’t kill him! To remain conscious and able to get out while sat in a ball of flames, without the ability to see what’s going on, well, miraculous!

    Fortunately he appears to be ok, burnt hands and apparently broken ribs.

    We were lucky not to witness something much worse today.

    Poor Kvyat, he must be wondering why they always pick on him to crash into! As if he wasn’t feeling bad enough, Stroll adds to his anguish and hits him really hard!

    I’m very disappointed in the marshalls giving Kvyat a 10 second penalty, poor decision. I’ve watched the race and reviewed the Stroll accident several times. Stroll has to be held accountable for a bad decision and not looking. Kvyat was well up the inside of him and had position.

    I’ll bet he’s pleased this days over.

      1 month ago
    • It was horrific. I had flashbacks to the F2 race last year. Was so pleased when I saw Romain clamber out of the car.

      And yes, totally miraculous. I read that his steering wheel broke off which decreased the time he spent in the cockpit,...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • 9th place is just epic

      1 month ago
  • There’s a few good uns there, I love the kangaroo and Stroll getting out of the car, both excellent.

    The Vettel/Ferrari was good too. I could actually imagine the mechanics looking at the manual, that’s how bad they’ve been this year.

    I’m really looking forward to you trying to cobble something together inside 60 seconds for this!

    You might just blow a fuse lol

    Doctors and alcohol on standby lol

      1 month ago