Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards - Brazil Grand Prix 2017

Well, it's the penultimate race of the season.

Both championships may well have been wrapped up, but there's still second place to decide, not to mention the kudos of winning this championship at stake.

It looked like we could be in for an exciting afternoon, with Hamilton starting in the pitlane, having hit the tyre wall in Q1 yesterday, Ricciardo starting in 14th, after a 10-place penalty and Felipe Massa starting his final Brazilian Grand Prix ever ... for the second time.

As the action started on track, with the safety car appearing before the end of lap 1, the funny tweets filtered down my timeline in quick succession. And, as usual they were super funny, it makes my job of deciding a Top 10 really difficult.

But, decide I did, so without further ado here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Brazilian Grand Prix 2017:

10th place

@PlanetOfTheApex for this tweet following a radio transmission from the pitwall to the Hulk on the state of his tyres. Renault decided to Top Gun theme all their tweets to him, but there just aren't that many to choose from ...

9th place

@SkySportsF1 for cleverly deducing what Mercedes' garage guest, Rubens Barrichello, was actually asking Toto

8th place

@JamesWagnerTW after Hartley was forced to retire ... again ... following a somewhat tense weekend between Toro Rosso and Renault

7th place

@coledinho1984 depicting lap 1 for anyone who may have missed the start of the race

6th place

@TimWagner66 following the Lap 1 carnage that saw K-Mag retire and Grosjean taking his car for a spin and picking up Ocon along the way ...

5th place

@OfficialMinis towards the end of the race when Hamilton was right up Kimi's backside and desperate to overtake to pip him to third ... **spoileralert** it wasn't to be

4th place

@stargateoracle as Hamilton was steaming through the field to finish in 4th, having started in the pitlane

3rd place

@iGPManager with an accurate pitwall radio transcription of Grosjean's engineer telling him he had received penalty for that spin in which he picked up Ocon on lap 1

2nd place

@PitCrew_Online after Verstappen told his engineers what he thought of his tyres during the second stint of the race

1st place

@LastLapPodcast for this tweet showing The Stoff trying to make it back to the pitlane having parked his car somewhere near the in-field...rather him than me

So, that's it.

One more round of the Funniest Tweet Awards to go this season.

If you want to be in with a chance of your tweet making it into this little competition, the rules are super simple:

Follow me on Twitter (@Pitlane_Girl) and I'll follow back

From lights out until the chequered flag tweet your funniest tweets

Make sure you tag me too, just in case I miss them

After the flag comes down, sit and wait patiently until the blog goes up

Results will be on Twitter

Good luck

So, see you in Abu Dhabi. I'm off to hunt out my belly dancing outfit.

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