Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards - Brazilian Grand Prix 2018

This week: a bull in a china shop, ludicrous speed activated, look behind you, fishing, butt talking and a clean getaway like grandma at the shops!!

Well nobody can say that race wasn't exciting!!

The Red Bulls were on a charge and Max Verstappen certainly seemed to have had rocket fuel for lunch, he was flying.

Vettel went backwards, Hamilton was in the lead, then he wasn't, then he was, then he wasn't, then he was and broke the duck of never having won a race after winning the championship before the end of the season.

Ricciardo got so close to the podium only to be denied in the end by Kimi, who Ferrari even let pass Vettel as he was the faster car.

Ericsson had a problem even before the race started, and he was the first retirement, then Hulk went as well. 

Alonso FM was in full fight this afternoon, well that is until he told the pitwall not to talk to him for the rest of the race!

And then there was that small incident with Ocon - but that is a whole other story that is deserving of a Top 10 all to itself.

With all that going on it meant funny tweets were flying into my timeline like the Milennium Falcon doing the Kessel Run.

And having carefully, deliberated, cogitated and digested them all here are the results of the penultimate race of the season:

10th place

@timwagner66 with this tweet after Daniel Ricciardo set the fastest lap on old tyres on lap 33

9th place

@F1Racing_mag following the pit-to-car communication to Stoffel after a nice little on track battle where he overtook Alonso. (OK, so they were pretty much at the back of the pack, but it was still exciting)

8th place

@whatthefuzz1 as Verstappen closed in on Hamilton during the closing laps of the race

7th place

@PatrickSikler with this accurate description of Ericsson's afternoon...

6th place

@chainbearf1 with live, on-board footage of everyone's side mirrors during the race (have I mentioned that Max had clearly had rocket fuel for lunch?)

5th place

@RJoseRazoJr with live footage of Max at the start of the race - talk about a bull in a china shop, but with less breakages ...

4th place

@F1trackchat after Verstappen was advised to creep up on Hamilton in a bid to overtake him. This was before the first round of pitstops and Hamilton's tyres were wearing.

3rd place

@dibhayles as Verstappen was reeling in everyone in front of him with style...

2nd place

@Jontys_Corner with live footage of Otmar talking to Crofty after that Ocon/Verstappen incident!!!

1st place

@TarasDemerson and his take on the start of the race after Martin Brundle said they all got away cleanly like grandma at the supermarket. The response from Crofty was: "Hope they didn't spill the shopping!!"

So that concldes this week's Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Brazilian Grand Prix 2018, but stay tuned as a special 'Ocon' edition wil be hitting your screens very shortly.

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