Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards: 'Ferrari' Special Edition Belgian Grand Prix 2020

The one where it all goes wrong ...

4w ago


10th place

@TRL_Limitless with live footage from the Ferrari pit wall on lap 7!

@Blueshay03 with behind-the-scenes footage from the Board Room at Maranello!

8th place

@_DavidBroad_ with live scenes from the Ferrari garage.

7th place

@seawildearth with footage as the Ferrarii pit crew get caught unawares as their cars come in to the pits during the safety car period.

6th place

@timwagner66 with an email to Ferrari from their fans ...

5th place

@drummerJoshG with onboard footage from Leclerc's car as he attempts to get information from the pit wall.

4th place

@Krustylicious with live scenes from the Ferrari Strategy room.

3rd place

@stargateoracle with live onboard footage of both Ferrari cars whenever the pit wall mention strategy ...

2nd place

@andersonglenn5 with live scenes from the Ferrari pit wall during the race.

1st place

@Travisty_22 summing up Ferrari's race, if not the weekend, succinctly.

And that's it for the Ferrari Special Edition.

Which one was your favourite?

On another note, what do you think the problem is at Ferrari, and how can it be solved?The Funniest Tweet Awards will be back next week for the Italian Grand Prix, where it's probably a good thing that this year there will be no fans!

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