Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards - French Grand Prix 2021

This week: Radio problems, multi-tasking at speed, Star Wars, hopes fade, Toto reaches breaking point & Horner reeks his revenge

6w ago

Well, for a circuit that's normally guaranteed to deliver a bum-numbingly boring race, that was none too shabby.

Yes, the undercut played a HUGE part when it came to overtaking, yet there were still some great tussles and overtakes on track.

Following a turn 2 mistake by pole-sitter Max Verstappen, Hamilton took the lead and it looked, from then on as if it would go Mercedes way.

But then at the pit stops, Red Bull pulled the undercut which worked and popped Verstappen back into the lead ... just. He then spent the next 10 or so laps fending off not one, but two Mercedes who spent most of that time within DRS.

Red Bull then decided to turn Max's race into a two-stopper and brought him in for a set of mediums to finish out the race. Then the hunt was on. Would he catch and pass Hamilton within the remaining 20 laps? Bearing in mind he would have to pass his team-mate and then Bottas and had 19 seconds to make up.

In short, he did. Passing Perez was a breeze, as Perez just left him by obviously. Bottas should have been trickier. However, Bottas was struggling with his tyres and Verstappen simply swooped passed. It was on the penultimate lap that he was close enough to Hamilton to attempt a pass. Hamilton, who was also struggling on tyres, was a sitting duck and Verstappen took back the lead and the win.

As for the rest of the field, the McLaren boys were having some great fights and overtaking left, right and centre and ended up taking P5 and P6. Both Aston Martin cars finished in the points, P9 and 10. The last two cars completing the top 10 were Alonso and Gasly.

George Russell finished in P12, moving Williams up to ninth place in the Constructors' Championship. But it was a disaster for Ferrari who failed to finish in the points at all.

With all this going on, there were, of course, many tweets filtering through my notifications. I have now carefully deliberated and chosen my favourite top 10.

So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the French Grand Prix 2021:

10th place

@keirameganf1 with unseen footage of Ricciardo in his fight as he tried to close up to, and overtake, Alonso.

9th place

@Grimking85 with unseen footage from Hamilton's car as Bono tells him that Bottas is in charge of holding up the Verstappen charge. Poor Hamilton, saw his hopes dashed.

8th place

@beer_mat_movies with live onboard footage of Max following Hamilton's pit stop as he valiantly defends himself against the two Mercedes who were within DRS for many, many laps.

7th place

Meanwhile, @photo_gt97 has live onboard footage of Hamilton chasing down Verstappen, before Red Bull pull the two-stop strategy.

6th place

@_HerrDavid_ with live footage from the Mercedes pitwall as Bottas is (a) powerless to fend off a charging Red Bull (and indeed the second Bull on the next lap) and (b) forced into an error that seals the deal for Max. To be fair to Bottas, he had told the team they should be looking at a two-stop, and with tyres that were pretty much shot he was a sitting duck, as was Lewis 5 seconds up the road.

5th place

@pgillet2017 has live footage from the Red Bull garage as they unleash Verstappen after his second pit stop.

4th place

@Beomoose with live footage of Christian Horner on the Red Bull pit wall as Max crosses the finish line, having played the Mercedes strategy that they used in Spain.

3rd place

@AlphaSpookster with live footage of Verstappen trying to adjust his microphone along the straights so his team could hear him. Apparently, they could only hear him in the corners. Don't know about you, but I wouldn't fancy adjusting anything at 200mph. I mean multi-tasking is all very well and good, but maybe not at speed!

2nd place

Mind you, it wasn't just Verstappen who had radio issues, as @Jontys_Corner reveals.

1st place

They were even affecting the nearby airport, as revealed by this week's winner @timwagner66 ... which begs the question, were those hypnotic off-track lines weaving a magic spell over the communications in the area??

And those are the Top 10 Funniest Tweets for the French Grand Prix. As always let me know which ones were your favourite in the comments below.

As we have a triple-header, the Funniest Tweet Awards will be back next week when the F1 circus rolls into the Austrian hills for two races in two weeks.

Have a wonderful week.


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Comments (5)

  • Surprisingly good race though it will take a few days for my eyes to re-adjust from all the squiggly lines...

      1 month ago
  • Was not expecting that

      1 month ago
  • ‘Twas a good race!

    Very happy for red bull. They deserve the podium. Checo getting another podium. Fantastic! 👏🏻

    Great to see McLaren sort themselves out too. They started off rather weak but came back towards the end.

    Gasly continues to impress! Gotta keep an eye on this one.

    I felt sorry for the Scuderia. However, they didn’t anticipate the track being so tire dependent. The new pressures really messed up their tire analysis. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Can’t wait to see the next race!

      1 month ago