Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards - Mexican Grand Prix 2018

      This week: Toto sleeps, Mercedes start a lawn-mowing business, the William's pit crew play musical chairs, the three amigos & McLaren score points

      I don't think there was a single F1 fan out there who was not sat on the edge of their seats at the start of today's race, in anticipation of what might happen at turn one.

      After all, with the two Red Bulls at the front, Hamilton with a championship to win in P3 and Vettel with nothing to lose in P4, let's face it we were expecting total carnage.

      In the end, thankfully, everyone emerged in the top six, at least, emerged unscathed after turn one with Hamilton getting a fantastic start and passing Ricciardo to grab P2.

      The same unfortunately can't be said for Alonso, who got entangled with Ocon's front wing and retired not much further along the track than he managed in Austin last week. On the plus side for McLaren, Stoffel Vandoorne ended the race in 9th position - who saw that coming, I certainly didn't, bang goes the GP predictor league for this week again!

      After the excitement of the first couple of corners had settled down, the remainder of the race was mainly centred around tyre degradation and how many pit-stops would each team make.

      But then, with nine laps to go, disaster struck and Ricciardo's engine went up in a puff of smoke and he retired with the entire internet going into meltdown.

      In the end Verstappen brought it home for Red Bull, but his victory was overshadowed slightly by Hamilton sealing his fifth championship as his Mercedes limped home in fourth

      With all this going on, did I actually manage to find any funny tweets, I hear you ask?

      Oh, yes, I most certainly did. A plethora of them in fact. Twitter was in fine form this evening and I had another difficult task to whittle 100 down to 10. But this week, I did indeed manage it.

      Although before I get to the top ten there is one honorary mention for @StephenCole1984 for this tweet as we realised Stoffel was in the points.

      But without further ado, let's get to the main event. This week's Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Mexican Grand Prix 2018.

      10th place

      @SimonGBrooks for a replay of the drivers ahead of Alonso at the start of the race

      9th place

      @timwagner66 for this behind-the-scenes shot in the Mercedes garage. How could Toto fall asleep, especially with all those tyre issues going on? Unless he was taking a power nap, praying, seeing the answer on his lucky 8 ball ...

      8th place

      @LateBrakers for this picture of everyone's hair before and after Hamilton overtook Kimi. It was a buttock-clenching, hair-raising moment or two round a bend that wasn't renowned for its overtaking potential...

      7th place

      @Jontys_Corner for onboard footage of Ricciardo when he was told about Hamilton's tyre wear...

      6th place

      @TarasDemerson for this video of some Ferrari fans cheering as Max overtook Kimi!

      5th place

      @Chrisciderdrin1 for this footage of Hamilton as he went across the grass following his lock-up as Ricciardo went for the overtake

      4th place

      @RenaultSportF1 applauding Hamilton's attempt's to help with grass cutting duties with what was left of his tyres

      3rd place

      @dibhayles for this tweet, as two laps later Bottas did exactly the same thing a Hamilton had done. Locked up and attempted to cut the grass...

      2nd place

      @MichaelGierula for this footage of the William's pit crew after Stroll's pitstop... rather a dangerous place to play musical chairs though, don't you think??

      1st place

      @_SHEVYWOOD for this description of what actually happened to both Mercedes' cars as they went into turn 1

       So there you have it. This week's Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Mexican Grand Prix.

      The Formula One World Championship may be over, but there's still two weeks to play for the Funniest Tweet Awards World Championship, and I can tell you it's close at the top...

      We'll be back in a fortnight as the party moves to Brazil.

      If you want to take part next time, simply follow me on Twitter (@Pitlane_Girl) and during the race tweet something you find funny about it, making sure to tag me so I don't miss it.

      See you in Brazil...

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      Comments (2)

      • Renualts tweet is flipping awesome!

          2 years ago
        • They are, by far the best team Twitter account. The banter between them, Force India and Mercedes is brilliant...

            2 years ago


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