Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards - Russian Grand Prix 2020

This week: Turn 2 bollards, penalties, the dark side, Netflix curse, Racing Point playlist and a new game to play

32w ago

Let's face it, the race at Sochi is generally, always boring. And this year was no exception.

After the excitement of the two previous races in Italy, we had been spoiled somewhat in terms of track action.

Hamilton got off to a good start and held off both Bottas and Verstappen to keep the lead after Turn 2.

However, further back in the field, a spin and a crash into the wall and bollards at the now infamous Turn 2 for Sainz, and a spin from Stroll on lap 1 brought out the safety car until lap 5.

When the safety car period ended, Hamilton sped off, and the race descended into the usual procession.

The only excitement came with Hamilton being handed two 5-second time penalties for a bizarre pitlane race start practice before the race, which he served at his one and only pit-stop, leaving him scrambling back up the field from P11.

Bottas took the lead and Verstappen P2, Hamilton funally finsihing in P3.

Turn 2 claimed other victims this race. Ricciardo got handed a 5-second time penalty for missing the bollards, while Grosjean tried to go through them, but ended up smashing through them.

We had a few tussles for places at the back and middle of the field, but aside from that, the race was as dull and grey as the surrounding area.

I did manage to cobble together a Top 10, so without further ado, here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Russian Grand Prix 2020:

10th place

A dull race meant that, as @itsthatginga pointed out, trying to think of something funny proved rather difficult.

9th place

9th place

@3legs4wheels with the playlist from the Racing Point pitwall as Stroll spun out and retired for the second time in two races.

8th place

@FvB2309 with live footage of all Mercedes fans when they see their weekend unravelling once again when they have the presence of the Netflix 'Drive to Survive' film crew in the garage. The same thing happened last year, are Netflix a curse for Mercedes?

7th place

@_DavidBroad_ with a new game for F1 fans to play. F1 Bingo is so last season darlings, this is 2020, time to play 'Who hasn't got their mask on?'

6th place

@wearetherace with live footage from Ocon's car as he heard the news that his team-mate, Danny Ric, had been given a 5-second time penalty following his slight off in his attempt to pass Ocon. Guess where? Yup, that's right, turn 2 and those darn bollards again!!!

5th place

@Jontys_Corner with live footage from the stweard's office as they sort out Hamilton's two 5-second penalties.

4th place

@RJoseRazoJr with live footage from Leclerc's car as he found himself running in P2 during the race.

3rd place

@Dan_Palmer17 with live footage of Grasjean desperately trying to do the right thing and go around the bollards at Turn 2. He failed, and bought out a virtual safety car for a few minutes as the track marshalls stuck the polystyrene bollards back on their spokes.

2nd place

@CosmicDanzo with a further look at the stewards handing out Hamilton's two 5-second time penalties.

1st place

@_kidsgloves_ with live footage of Sainz at the beginning of the race as he negotiated Turn 2.

As always, hope you enjoyed these. Let me know which ones are your favourite in the comments below.

The Funniest Tweet Awards will be back in two weeks time, as the F1 circus moves to the Nurburgring.

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Comments (10)

  • Grosjean just couldn't resist crashing into something 😄

      7 months ago
  • 1-3 for Mercedes and we're all saying it's the Netflix curse😂

      7 months ago
    • I know ;-) I think it's because they had problems yesterday in qualifying, and then today's penalties ... at least it wasn't as bad as last year, Austria I think, that's when they were dressed up, Netflix was in the garage and they had a...

      Read more
        7 months ago
    • Hey that second place should have belonged to Mercedes so it's a very serious curse Kiran 😂😂😉

        7 months ago
  • What a strange race! They seem to be trying to liven things up and give other people a chance by penalising Lewis every race now. Both times it was the teams fault, though tbf Lewis should know where he can and can’t practice starts.

    The race itself......borefest. Sochi is generally a bit bland though.

    What the hell was going on with turn 2? Talk about cause problems! Those polystyrene bollards are bloody awful too.

    You do have the “usual suspects” who attempt to provide entertainment, generally by crashing into someone or something. Stroll is heading for a hat trick at the next race, can he bin it 3 in a row? I’ll give odds of 5/4 lol

      7 months ago
    • It was weird wasn't it. And now there's the rumour that one of the stewards was leaking penalties to a Finnish media outlet before it was official. But yes, agree Lewis should know where he can and cannot practice, although he did ask the team...

      Read more
        7 months ago
    • Previous years they were using the run off at turn 2, but since they decided to penalise “going off track” it’s causing a huge problem.

      It’s their own fault for allowing them to do it previously, and for making such sterile tracks. Mugello...

      Read more
        7 months ago