Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards - Spanish Grand Prix 2021

This week: maths test, Red Bull caught by surprise, two-stop shocker, stranded goats, outside overtakes and blue flags are ignored

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Today's race was a bit of a slow burn (for the first 42 laps) and then it got rather interesting, and we had a re-run of Hungary 2019.

Starting on pole, Hamilton had to back off as a feisty Verstappen got his elbows out going into the first corner. Bottas seemed to do his usual and went backwards, being overtaken by Leclerc by turn 3 (or thereabouts).

And by the end of lap 1, other than a few movements up and down, everyone emerged unscathed. (Yes, even the resident spin expert!)

On lap 6, yellow flags were waving in sectors 2 and 3 due a stricken Tsunoda, whose Alpha Tauri just stopped. Was it the gods of karma for his petulant hissy fit about the car after being a Q1 casualty in yesterday's qualifying?

The safety car was deployed for a few laps while the Alpha Tauri was removed, and then it looked like it would be a procession for the remaining 50-odd laps.

As the pitstops started, it seemed to be a game of cat and mouse between Verstappen and Hamilton. Who would blink first?

It was Red Bull in the end, while Mercedes kept Hamilton out for another 5 or 6 laps.

After the pitstops, Hamilton again reeled Verstappen in and just as he was within three-tenths Mercedes pulled a blinder of a strategy call and boxed Hamilton for another set of mediums.

Red Bull acknowledged it was 'Hungary 2019 all over again', yet didn't respond and left Verstappen out.

Hamilton flew and made up the 24-second gap to Verstappen with laps to spare and made the pass to take the lead. (Even with his team-mate holding him up, despite warnings from the pitwall not to.)

There were some final lap tussles throughout the rest of the field as well before the flag finally fell in Spain.

And like the race, after a slow start the funny tweets started pouring into my timeline.

Having had a cup of tea, I settled down to judge this week's entries and have, at last, whittled down the top 10.

So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Spanish Grand Prix 2021:

10th place

@michaelgierula with an insight into the Mercedes and Red Bull strategy rooms, and how the strategists worked out how long it would take Hamilton to catch Verstappen.

9th place

@itsthatginga with every F1 fan's reaction when Red Bull didn't bring Verstappen after Mercedes brought Hamilton in.

8th place

@Rdunne.03 with live footage from Bottas's cockpit as he gets overtaken by Leclerc on lap 1.

7th place

@HojozF1 with live footage from Verstappen's side of the Red Bull garage as the call comes for him to box. And, as it happened, Red Bull didn't do one of their quicker-than-the-speed-of-light pitstops.

6th place

@Beomoose with live onboard footage from Verstappen's car as the Mercedes were closing in on him during the middle stint.

5th place

@TarasDemerson with live footage from Tsunoda's car as he put in the call to the Alpha Tauri pitwall that he was stuck.

4th place

@FvB2309 with unseen footage of Perez pulling a Ricciardo on Ricciardo.

3rd place

@TomTheMadHatter with live onboard footage of Bottas during that tussle with Hamilton after he was told not to hold him up!

2nd place

@Jontys_Corner with everyone's reaction to Mercedes pulling a two-stopper out of the hat.

1st place

@timwagner66 with onboard footage of Mazepin as he fails to acknowledge blue flags for the second race in a row.

And there you have it.

As always let me know your favourite(s) in the comments below.

The Funniest Tweet Awards will be back in two weeks time at the Monaco Grand Prix, by which time I will have hit 500 miles on my crazy challenge! (40 miles left to go)


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