Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards - Tuscan Grand Prix 2020

This week: Chaos, Kimi FM, safety car, strategy gambles, restart battles, talk about tattoos becomes serious and marshalls attempt to put out a fire

34w ago

If we thought last week's Grand Prix at Monza was crazy, I think today's race at Mugello literally turned round and said: "Hold my beer!"

In the 1st nine laps we had precisely 700m of actual racing before chaos saw last week's winner Gasly get punted off the track, taking out Verstappen, who had gone backwards when the lights went out. In his defence, he had had engine issues on his way to the grid, which seemed fixed, as the Red Bull engineers had done the old 'turning it off and on again' trick.

Bottas jumped Hamilton at the start, and after 9 laps behind the safety car at the restart he scampered off again. However, no sooner had Bottas bolted. there was carnage in the midfield which took out Sainz, Giovanazzi, Latifi, Ocon and Magnussen. There are some that say it was Bottas's fault for his restart, as lights were green but he left it until the last moment to put his foot down, however those at the back went as soon as they saw the green light. I'm on the fence with that one though, what about you?

Of course, this carnage meant that Bernd Maylander simply had to turn the safety car around and head back out again. This crash, however, brought out a red flag. Race stopped and everyone went back to the pits.

So for the 2nd time in two races, we were to have a standing restart. This time, a smoking Hamilton (literally), in 2nd place beat Bottas off the line to take back 1st place. The midfield were jostling and tussling.

And that's how it remained, pitstops completed smoothly, well apart from Kimi's who seemed to be waiting for a bus ... until ... 14 laps from the end Stroll spun and crashed into the tyre barrier. Which brought out the safety car again, and then, because of the damage to the tyre wall the race got red flagged. This was the the first time since the 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix, and only the 4th time in F1 history a race has been red flagged twice.

Another standing restart followed. Would Bottas get the jump on Hamilton? Um, no he didn't, he actually got jumped by Danny Ric, who found himself in P2. Well, for the next few corners at least. Then it was a 13-lap sprint to the finish. Bottas couldn't catch Hamilton, but Albon did catch Danny Ric, which meant he finally collected his maiden podium.

And whilst this was all going on on track, I was busy collecting funny tweets. Having had a well-earned cup of tea, I have finally judged gthem and chosen my favourite 10.

So without further ado, as I've wittered on for far too long, here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Tuscan Grand Prix 2020:

10th place

@drummerJoshG with action from the Mercedes pit wall as both Hamilton and Bottas were told to stay off the kerbs to avoid damaging their tyres. But the big question was, would they comply?

9th place

@stargateoracle with live onboard footage from Kimi's car as he was informed he had been given a 5-second time penalty. Kimi FM at its best!

8th place

@ChrisJKenworthy with around-the-world footage of F1 fans as they witness the 2nd crash, at the restart, after the 1st safety car which saw the field drop from 18 to 13, and red-flagged as the marshalls cleared up the debris.

7th place

@timwagner66 with the real winner for Driver of the Day at the Tuscan GP. Do you agree?

6th place

@virtualstatsman with a live view of Bottas's strategists following his call that he wanted to go on the opposite strategy to Hamilton, so he could race him. Fair play, but that would only work if Hamilton pitted first. He didn't, so of course what happened was that Hamilton put on exactly the same tyres as Bottas ... oops!

5th place

@TarasDemerson with live on-track footage as Bottas and Hamilton squared off against each other at the 2nd standing restart. (The one that signalled the start of the 13-lap sprint to the end, just in case you were wondering)

4th place

@Jontys_Corner with live footage from Grosjean's car as he crossed the finishing line.

3rd place

@jharrington07 with live footage from the Renault pitwall as the realisation suddenly dawns on Cyril Abiteboul that Ricciardo is up into the podium places, and having to get a tattoo is looking very likely. In the end Danny Ric got pipped by Albon ... I wonder if Cyril will be buying Alex a drink later to say thanks??

2nd place

@TomTheMadHatter with live footage of the track marhsalls as they realise that Stroll's car is smoking, and they stand around yelling at each other to put the fire out. This actual on-track moment made my dad giggle.

1st place

This week's winner is @AlphaSpookster with live footage of the safety car restart ... this made me properly laugh out loud.

And there you have this week's Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards.

Which ones are your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

The next round of the Funniest Tweet Awards will be in two weeks time at Sochi.

Til next time, stay safe.


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Comments (11)

  • Seeing the marshals "handle" Stroll's car was so funny, couldn't not laugh. The one that just threw the fire extinguisher away gets my person of the day vote.

      7 months ago
  • 1 & 2 are definitely the winners this week.

    The Marshall’s dealing with Strolls car was pathetic.

    Now, the restart that brought the first red flag. Obviously there’s some controversy surrounding this and some drivers are blaming Bottas.

    I can’t see how it’s Bottas fault? I know once the SC pulls in they have to go by a certain point, but the SC lights went off really late. A point the drivers at the back wouldn’t be aware of.

    I know they had a green light, but its up to Bottas when he goes and they should be responding to that.

    By the time Bottas put the hammer down the midfield had already wiped each other out, so no, I don’t blame Bottas.

    I’m not a fan of restarts as any advantage built up is wiped out. But safety cars are no better. What other options are there that would be safe?

    Lewis did his usual, dictated from the front. I like this circuit and I think it would be a good fixture to the F1 season.

    What were RB thinking of letting Mad Max out with a broken car? It put him at serious risk of being rear ended.

    Stroll was unlucky, that tyre didn’t just deflate and give him a chance to control the car. It just disintegrated. Very unlucky.

    Nice to see Danny Ricc back up there fighting.

    I’m really pleased for Albon, but his pace compared to Max must be worrying the team. Hopefully this will boost his confidence.


    At what race will Lewis wrap up the title?

      7 months ago
    • Thank you, and yes the marshalls were rather hilarious.

      I agree about Bottas, definitely not at fault, and other drivers should maybe have been more aware.

      I don't know what other options there are regarding red flags and restarts. I...

      Read more
        7 months ago
    • Yes, Red Bull....I don’t think they understand what having two drivers means! Look how they treated Webber when Vettel was there! And now anybody who partners Max is doomed. Fortunately they had drivers with immense self belief in Webber...

      Read more
        7 months ago

      7 months ago
  • Bottas made the mistake of forgetting that 'his' strategists have to get the okay from #teamLewis before they can do anything...

      7 months ago
    • Did not know that ;-) But playing devil's advocate maybe he should have pitted after Hamilton to make the strategy work? By going in 1st, it was obvious Hamilton would put the same tyres on ...

        7 months ago