Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards - US Grand Prix 2019

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So did you rate that race a 'yee-hah' or a 'yee-nah'?

This year's US Grand Prix gave us a few thrills and spills, maybe not as many as some of the races we've been lucky to watch this year, but it still had its moments.

Of course, all eyes were on Lewis Hamilton, who had to finish 8th place or higher to secure his sixth World Driver's Championship and yet, he could only qualify in P5.

Within the first couple of laps we had Hamilton moving up into third, both Ferraris driving backward and a McLaren, yes a McLaren overtaking a Ferrari - now there's something we haven't been able to say for a long time.

And, of course there were many, many, many funny tweets.

So, because it's late and I'm a wee bit tired, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the US Grand Prix 2019:

10th place

@DC_F1 with live onboard footage of Verstappen in the closing stages of the race as he closed down on Hamilton for second place.

9th place

@HojozF1 with behind the scenes footage at Ferrari as they try to emulate Haas this race.

8th place

@TarasDemerson with live scenes onboard with Bottas as he silenced his engineer whilst he was hunting down Hamilton to re-take the lead.

7th place

@Jontys_Corner with scenes from a dark room in a remote part of COTA, where the person who installed the sausage kerb at Turn 8 between qualifying and today's race, sat and carefully marked up how many cars they caught out.

6th place

@stargateoracle with every F1 fan's reaction when Grosjean skillfully managed to avoid ... yes, avoid a crash!!

5th place

@zigzagoog with live scenes from the Ferrari strategy department as they struggled to find pace during today's race.

4th place

@BlaDav89 with live onboard footage with Lando Norris as he started today's race. Someone had his milk today, obviously.

3rd place

@RJoseRazoJr with ontrack scenes as Bottas re-took the lead of the race with about 6 laps to go.

2nd place

@dibhayles with a call out to the FBI after this trio murdered the national anthem. Any else agree that it was truly terrible? My ears have only just recovered. The two women were out of tune and it just dragged on. Here's a thought, why not just do it properly instead of trying to do something different?

1st place

@timwagner66 with live onboard footage as Verstappen complained about wind! Still trying to work oout what wind he was talking about: the actual wind or bodily wind due to his Saturday night dinner??

And that concludes this week's Funniest Tweet Awards.

I hope you enjoyed them all.

Let me know which one was your favourite in the comments below.

Or let me know if I missed any good tweets.

The Funniest Tweet Awards will be back in a fortnight for the Brazilian Grand Prix and, unlike the F1 WCC, the 2019 Funniest Tweet Championship is set to go down to the wire as @timwagner66 and @Jontys_Corner are within a few points of each other.

If you want to join in the fun, here's how:

1. Follow me on Twitter (@Pitlane_Girl)

2. Tweet something funny between lights out and the chequered flag

3. Tag or @ me (so I don't miss it)

4. Cross your fingers.

See you in Brazil.


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Comments (8)
  • Tough as a Ferrari fan.

    8 days ago
    1 Bump
    • It was definitely a tough watch for Ferrari fans. Still have no idea why Vettel slowed down, didn't look like he'd made contact with anyone else (or someone else had made contact...

      Read more
      8 days ago
      1 Bump
    • They said one of the suspension arms wasn't right from the start itself...

      8 days ago
      1 Bump
  • What’s strange is what has happened to Ferrari? The extra pace they’ve had has vanished overnight. In the race they were pitiful. The bodged pit stop for LeClerc, poor sod, it really makes them look inept.

    There’s a few good ones again, well worth having a look

    9 days ago
    1 Bump
    • Thanks Nick. Glad you like them ;-)

      I have no idea what happened to the Ferrari. Unless there is some truth in the result of Red Bull asking for clarification from the FIA about fuel...

      Read more
      9 days ago
    • That’s twice in 3 seasons the FIA have got Ferrari to alter something and it’s affected performance.

      8 days ago
      1 Bump


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