Top 10 Funniest Tweets - Japanese Grand Prix 2017

1y ago


10th place

@HaasF1Team who perked up at the mention of food. There was a gluttony of food-related tweets during this race...

9th place

@MercedesAMGF1 for re-imagining the iconic Top Gun poster

8th place

@ForceIndiaF1 AND @MercedesAMGF1, the inter-team banter was on fire during this race...

7th place

@F1fanboy2007 for Alonso's fight with Stroll for P14

6th place

@JamesWagnerTW after 'The Hulk' pitted due to a problem and there were shots of an engineer literally whacking the car to resolve the problem, before they decided the problem was terminal and retired the car. 'If in doubt, give it a clout!'

5th place

@timwagner66 for a what seemed a fairly accurate depiction of the Ferrari race engineers today...

4th place

@stargateoracle for this tweet after Perez was told under no circumstances was he to overtake his team-mate...

3rd place

@F1 for this meme of Vettel contemplating car-jacking, following **spoiler alert** his retirement, seems like those spark plugs weren't fixed after all...

2nd place

@charlie_whiting for this tweet following Vettel's retirement about the fate of Ferrari's championship hopes for 2017

1st place

@F1taxi for this hilarious tweet after Stroll got a puncture, ran over the grass on the Esse-bends and slid back onto the track, narrowly avoiding colliding with Ricciardo's Red Bull, before coming to a halt on the edge of the track

It wasn't the most exciting race of the season, with the exception of the final two laps. Is the driver's championship all but sewn up for this year? What has happened to Ferrari? And who will be driving in the Toro Rosso's in Austin in two week's time?

It's half term, so I won't be able to jump into the driving seat, but I will be back with the Funniest Tweet Awards for the US Grand Prix in a fortnight.

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