Top 10 Funniest Tweets - Malaysia Grand Prix 2017

1y ago


After an exciting qualifying session yesterday where Vettel failed to set a time and there was a surprise pole for Hamilton, despite the Mercedes being on the back-foot all weekend,  would the final race at the Sepang Circuit be full of excitement or a bit of a damp squib?

Thankfully, it was the former.

There was drama a-plenty even before the race started with poor old Kimi being pushed off the grid and back to the pitlane with a power unit problem. Would he be able to start from the pitlane?? **spoiler alert** he didn't, and headed off to the hospitality unit, cue for a barrage of tweets about ice cream.

With no one to the side of him, Hamilton looked like he had the lead in the bag as he raced off to turn one at the start. However, the lack of pace Mercedes had been showing throughout the weekend came back and Hamilton was dispatched to second place by birthday boy Verstappen.

And what of Vettel, well let's just say by lap seven he was up into the points and narrowly missed out on a podium finish.

But what of the tweets, I hear you cry. Despite the early hour, there were funny tweets filtering through my Twitter timeline at a rate of knots.

So without further ado, here are this week's Top 10 entries in the Funniest Tweet Awards for the Malaysian Grand Prix 2017:

10th place

Following the debut of 'Fernando & the Engineers' album a few weeks ago, @bbcf1 reckon Mercedes could be about to launch their new single 'Mirrors full of scarlet' as Vettel tore through the field to catch Bottas and chase down Hamilton.

9th place

@timwagner66 for this tweet following Vettel's orders over team radio were broadcast to the world...

8th place

@SarahFlann for observing that Bottas had to turn into Andre the Giant and make his car really big to avoid being overtaken by Vettel, to help his team-mate out. It worked ... for a few laps at least!

7th place

@benjhunt for his accurate description of Vettel tearing through the field.

6th place

@dibhayles for his picture of Kimi in the hospitality suite after the start of the race. Did I mention there were a tonne of ice cream tweets??

5th place

@LBraking for his live footage of Jolyon Palmer spinning around...again.

4th place

@stargateoracle after Alonso passed someone on track, this was before he managed to get in the way of, and annoy, Vettel slightly later in the race. Oopsie!

3rd place

@Planet_F1 after Toro Rosso Team Principal, Franz Tost, was being interviewed from the pit-wall by Sky Sports. Ouch!!

2nd place

@josievs for designing the 'Verstappen fan good luck outfit' - following his recent run of bad luck he certainly needed it. Thankfully, today, it wasn't needed, but it's always good to have something, just in case, don't you think?

1st place

@RenaultSportF1 after Alonso agreed with The Hulk about K-Mag. There seemed to be a lot of people K-Mag annoyed this race. And I think the balls thing is not going to go away quietly!

So, there you have it, the Top 10 Funniest Tweets from the very last Malaysian Grand Prix.

With five races left in the season both the F1 Drivers' Championship AND the 2017 Funniest Tweet Awards Championship will go down to the wire. 

If you want to be in with a chance of competing in my Funniest Tweet Awards (which is now in its 2nd season), all you have to do it follow me on Twitter (@Pitlane_Girl), I'll follow back, and then devise funny tweets during the race. Simple!

We'll be back next week from Japan.

In the meantime ... sayonara.