Top 10 Funniest Tweets - United States Grand Prix 2017

1y ago


Austin, Texas - summons up images of cowboys, 10-gallon hats and barbecues.

This week Liberty decided to 'spice things up' pre-race - the cars made their way to the track earlier, we had an early gridwalk and then it all went a little bit Hollywood.

Legendary sports MC, Michael Buffer, took to the microphone to introduce the entire drivers grid in a style that was more WWF than F1. To be honest, I could have run an entire Funniest Tweet competition just in that 15 minutes. But, rules are rules, and the rules of my competition are funny tweets between lights out and the chequered flag.

They seemed to be the longest 15 minutes of my life, but finally it was over and the drivers got back to focusing on the imminent race ahead.

After the fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt, sent the drivers on their formation lap it was eyes down for the funny tweets. And boy, did they come in fast and furiously.

But before we get down to the Top 10 for this week, I have an honorary 'cute' tweet awarded by small boy - possibly just because of the little dog in the gif. So @BadgerGP, this week's 'cute' tweet award goes to you.

But without further ado, here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the United States Grand Prix 2017:

10th place

@TarasDemerson after Red Bull pitted Max Verstappen on Lap 39 to give him fresher tyres to finish the race and grab a few more places.

9th place

@SkySportsF1 - who doesn't feel sorry for Alonso? Honda engines haven't exactly endeared themselves to Alonso this year, especially in the United States - Indy and now Austin. Double whammy!

8th place

@SkyF1Insider for this tweet questioning the size of American birds - the flying variety following this shadow that was cast across the track at Turn 1 ... or was it just clever CGI??

7th place

@TheBishF1 reckoned that after another Honda engine failure that Alonso could be working on a new track for his debut album, 'Fernando and the Engineers'. A cover of the Pink Floyd hit 'Another hole in the wall'!

6th place

@PHortonF1 charting Verstappen's progress through the field during the race, and then just biding his time to attack the Ferraris.

5th place

@LBraking following Red Bull pitting Max Verstappen, clearly channelling their inner Baldrick's with a cunning plan.

4th place

@timwagner66 for this tweet following the fantastic wheel-to-wheel action between Bottas and Ricciardo early in the race as they battled for 3rd place.

3rd place

@JamesWagnerTW for this tweet later in the race as Bottas was passed, with ease, by Kimi, Vettel and then Verstappen. He did appear to be going backwards, despite some great position battles earlier in the race.

2nd place

@GvanderGarde for this tweet as K-Mag made his way through back-end of the grid, without incident as well!

1st place

@F1Racing_mag - it seems with all the razamatazz that Liberty introduced this race, good or bad, there were a couple of guests that didn't make the guest list. They would have come in handy when it came to the Force India drivers being behind each other again.

So, there you have for this week.

The Driver's Championship is still up for grabs and The Funniest Tweet Award Championship is still fairly open. 

If you want to take part in the funny tweet competition just follow me on Twitter, @Pitlane_Girl, and post funny tweets between lights out and the chequered flag.

Three races of the season left. Next stop Mexico.