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Top 10 Green Cars Of All Time

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Green paint is an uncommon selection for most car buyers for good reason, it's often too bright, obnoxious or unsuitable for the choice of vehicle. Some claim that the best green cars are electric cars. I respectfully disagree, so today we will be exploring the top 10 green manufacturer paints found on powerful yet mildly economical exotics.

10. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat - Sublime

Credit: 24CarShop

The lime green paint that defines the Hellcat is certainly very vibrant and will ensure your 707hp muscle car will not go unnoticed. It looks stunning and matches the Hellcat's childish whine perfectly. The vehicle achieves 16 MPG (US) or 14.7L/100km, which is respectable for its performance.

9. Mercedes-AMG GT R - Green Hell Magno

Credit: Exoticcarlist.com

A matte-finish paint job that costs £7,500 as an option has certainly differentiated the GT R from any other AMG GT models. It's bright but not obnoxious and suits the exterior brilliantly. This track-focused supercar achieves a desirable 20.6 MPG (US) or 11.4L/100km.

8. Jaguar F-Type R - British Racing Green

Credit: Jaguar Chantilly

This very iconic colour in the history of British motorsport suits the F-Type perfectly. This take on British Racing Green by Jaguar is very, very dark and it looks great. The vehicle achieves 20.8 MPG (US) or 11.3L/100km, which is excellent considering its performance and exhaust note

7. BMW M4 - Java Green

Credit: BMW Blog

This is a very special colour offered by BMW Individual's Special Paint division and it's stunning. The metallic finish causes the paint to truly shine under sunlight as you can see. The M4 achieves a claimed 26.7 MPG (US) or 8.8L/100km, which is superb.

6. Porsche 911 GT3 RS - Lizard Green

Credit: Autotrader.ca

One of the more common paint choices for the GT3 RS, it's vibrant and well-suited to the GT3 RS. It does appear to be quite similar to the Huracan's Verde Mantis however that is not a drawback. This Porsche achieves 16 MPG (US) or 14.7L/100km, which is forgiven when you remember how fast it is on the track.

5. Koenigsegg Regera - Green Carbon

Credit: Instogram.pro

It's carbon fibre with a green finish and it looks brilliant. It's no wonder why this vehicle comes with a colossal price tag. The Regera achieves an impressive 16.9 MPG (US) or 13.9L/100km, although it is unclear whether this fuel figure was using biofuel or premium petrol. Either way it's excellent for 1600hp.

4. Porsche 911 Turbo S - Python Green Chromaflair

Credit: 4WheelsNews.com

An ultra rare and custom paintjob by Porsche Exclusive, the paint alone will set you back $97,000 USD. It has a chromatic finish with a tinge of yellow. The Turbo S achieves an excellent 21 MPG (US) or 11L/100km.

3. Lamborghini Huracan - Verde Mantis

Credit: Yandex.com

One of the more popular colours for the Huracan, this lime green is vibrant and exciting without a doubt. If you've seen it in person, you will agree it best suits the Huracan. The vehicle achieves 16 MPG (US) or 14L/100km, which is a little on the high side but so is its performance.

2. McLaren F1 GT - Silverstone Green

Credit: Autoinsight.org

One of the rarest colours for the McLaren F1, this shade of green has a tinge of blue under strong lighting. You may have seen a very similar colour on the Jaguar XJ220 and Ferrari F355. The original F1 achieved 15.7 MPG (US) or 15L/100km, which is quite high until you remember that this a world speed record.

1. Bentley Continental GT Speed - Apple Green

Credit: Classic Driver

Is this the nicest green paint for an automotive? It's not too dark like British Racing Green and not too pale to be considered lime. The metallic flakes give this paint the vibrance it needs without being obnoxious. The vehicle also achieves a respectable 16 MPG (US) or 14.5L/100km, great fuel economy for 12 cylinders.


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