top 10: michael SCHUMACHER races

308 races gives us plenty of choice for this list. here are the top 10 performances from michael schumacher

4y ago

10) 2006 chinese grand prix

We start the countdown with Schumacher's 91st and final win in F1. Shanghai International Circuit hadn't treated Schumi too well in previous races, but he put in a fantastic drive to win in 06.

After a wet start to the race he was trailing Fernando Alonso by over 25 seconds at one stage, however when the track dried out, Schumacher had the advantage and ended up in the lead of the GP after he overtook Alonso and Fisichella. Alonso found his pace again towards the end of the race but Schumacher held him off to win by 3 seconds

9) 1995 european grand prix

This was another race by Schumacher where he showed his ability to hunt down the lead, rather than dominate from the front.

After Jean Alesi's tyre strategy had worked perfectly, the Ferrari driver found himself over 30 seconds clear of the rest of the field. With a limited number of laps to work with, Schumacher put in some sublime laps to catch up to Alesi and then with two laps to go he made a daring overtake to take the win.

8) 2005 san marino grand prix

The first race on this list that Schumacher didn't actually win, but the performance he put in was more than worthy of a place on the list. After qualifying in 13th, it appeared as if the race was over for Schumacher before it even got started, this wasn't helped by the fact that he was being held up by Jarno Trulli.

Schumacher responded fantastically and expertly drove from 13th up to 2nd. He then engaged in an epic battle with race leader Fernando Alonso who would end up winning by just 0.2 seconds. But it really is impressive that Michael was there with him at all.

7) 1997 monaco grand prix

This one really was a masterclass. In poor conditions, Schumacher managed to take the lead of the race on the opening lap and then proceeded to build a huge lead from the chasing pack. After 5 laps he was already 22 seconds clear.

Whilst chaos ensued behind him (just 10 cars finished the race), Schumacher stayed clear of danger and won by almost a minute. It was Schumacher's third win at the circuit and Ferrari's first win in Monaco since 1981.

6) 2006 brazilian grand prix

The final race of his first stint in F1. Going into the final race of the season, Schumacher still had a very slim chance of winning the world championship. This chance was eliminated pretty early on however, as he suffered a puncture whilst making his way through the field.

After pitting as a result of this, he was almost a lap down on the leaders, but Schumacher put in an inspired fightback and soared up the order to finish a very respectable 4th.

5) 1997 belgian grand prix

91 race wins implies that Schumi loved many tracks on the F1 calendar, but Spa was perhaps where he was at his best. The 1997 edition of the race is Exhibit A.

In wet conditions, Schumacher rose to the challenge and was utterly dominant. By lap 5 he was 40 seconds clear, by lap 13 he was well over a minute clear. If he kept up this kind of pace who knows what the final margin could have been, but sensibly he decided to ease the car home instead. From start to finish there was no doubt as to who was winning this one.

4) 1998 hungarian grand prix

It's difficult to judge what was more impressive about this one. Ross Brawn's strategic improvisation or the blistering pace shown by the man who had to execute it.

Schumacher was racing the two McLaren drivers, but it appeared as if they had the edge over him. In response, Brawn put Schumacher on a 3 stop strategy. To make this work he put in some sublime laps and ended up taking victory.

3) 1994 spanish grand prix

The earliest Grand Prix on this list, Schumacher led the race early on and seemed set to claim victory, but disaster struck as his gearbox jammed up in 5th gear. Damon Hill capitalised and claimed victory, but Schumacher somehow held on to second place.

Forced to take different lines into corners to accommodate for 5th gear, he held off everyone behind him and even managed to keep the car going when he was forced to pit.

2) 1995 belgian grand prix

Starting in 16th place, not many would've predicted a Schumacher victory, but when it comes to difficult conditions at Spa, defy him at your peril.

A hugely entertaining race came about when Damon Hill and Michael had a riveting battle for the lead with the temperamental weather only adding to the drama. With the rain coming down, Schumacher held off Hill despite being on slick tyres. He went on to win by 20 seconds.

1) 1996 spanish grand prix

No surprises here. Many refer to this as his best race and it's not difficult to see why.

After a dodgy start, Schumacher found himself in 6th place in appalling conditions. 'The rainmaster' lived up to his nickname though as he pulled off some daring overtakes to claim the lead. The rest of the race saw him increase the lead in staggering fashion, often going 2-3 seconds a lap quicker than anyone else.

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  • Crazy thing is you could have made this a top 20 and there would have been plenty to choose from

      4 years ago
  • 99 Malaysia for me has to be on this list. First race back after the leg break.

    Spent all afternoon trying to slow up Mika for Eddie and still could have walked it to victory having given up the lead on multiple occasions. A reminder of how ridiculous Schumi was on his day.

    Honourable mention to Spa 98 too. It was another 96 Spanish Grand Prix til the Coulthard incident.

      4 years ago
    • That's interesting because when I was compiling the list those two races were #11 and #12 respectively

        4 years ago
    • I agree with Rob below. You could have a top 20 and you'd still barely scratch the surface.

      I always find it strange that Suzuka 2000 rarely gets mentioned. That was almost a perfect weekend. An utterly immense drive all weekend under...

      Read more
        4 years ago
  • He seemed to be sliding the tail out just for fun at some instants; mega!

      4 years ago
  • This is my favourite thing ever

      4 years ago
  • Trzeba przyznać, że w deszczu Schumi był poza zasięgiem

      3 years ago