Top 10 Monsters Throwback - Buzetski Dani 2017

From Group B to GT3, Rally Cars and bespoke creations, Buzet 2017 had everyhting

As we wait patiently for the 2021 Hillclimb Racing Season to begin, we will be recovering some of the events we have covered in the past and showing the Top 10 Monsters at each of them. Nothing like knowing the past to understand the present and future, and here we have Buzetski Dani 2017, the high-profile Croatian Hillclimb where every year we have tremendous entrylists.

That year was no different and despite some rain appearing during the event to mix things up, the final Top 10 Placements featured some of the greats of the Sport and Two Legends that have sadly passed away since. Jiri Los and Istvan Kavecz are no longer with us physically, but let´s remember and appreciate them for what they most liked to do and the great contribution they left behind.

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