Top 10 'Ocon' Funniest Tweet Awards - Brazilian Grand Prix 2018

In this special edition: white sticks, train crashes, order 66 executed, psychic tweets, a harsh penalty and Del-Boy sits on the pitwall!

Following 'that' incident when Verstappen overtook Ocon (who was a back marker) and they had a coming together, resulting in Max spinning off and losing the lead (and his cool for the rest of the race and afterwards - have you seen him shoving Ocon?) there were so many funny tweets, I simply had to do another special edition.

10th place

@saskia_staal for this take on what happened ...Β 

9th place

@lauren_hall88 for this uncanny future glimpse of what would actually happen after the race ...

8th place

@whatthefuzz1 for actual video footage of this incident

7th place

@_SHEVYWOOD for another camera angle of the incident

6th place

@PatrickSikler for this look into the future tweet ...

5th place

@iArunK ... who doesn't love a good Star Wars gif

4th place

@Raymond_Osalla for this, although from the look of what happened after the race, this certainly wasn't it!!!

3rd place

@stephencole1984 after all, Ocon is still without a drive next year ...

2nd place

@_chrisUK for the potential penalty for Ocon's actions...

1st place

@dibhayles for what everyone on the Force India pitwall muttered after the incident...

And that concludes this week's special edition of the Funniest Tweet Awards.

There's only one more round of the championship left, before I announce this year's Funniest Tweet Award Champion.

If you want to have a go in the final round in Abu Dhabi it's really easy.

Follow me on Twitter (@Pitlane_Girl) and simply tweet something funny between lights out and the chequered flag. Make sure you tag me, otherwise I might miss it, and that's it.

Last race of the season in two weeks.

See you in the desert sands of Abu Dhabi.

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  • Wanna bet Ocon has a new AMG in his driveway?

      2 years ago