Top 10 of my 2019 purchases

I'll try to show you the top ten castings which I bought last year

Well, I haven't wrote any articles in a long time. 2019 was extraordinary long for me, I had a lot of ups and downs, with this hobby and generally in my life. Collecting diecast cars was not just a hobby for me, but my passion, but some of the personal things in my life brought this passion down for some time. I lost my interest in it, I really thought about give it up and sell my whole collection. I stopped making new customs, and there were (and still are) cars on my desk unfinished for months. I had enough of it.

But old habits die hard. I still bade on some cars on ebay, and I (un)fortunatelly win some. My collection shrunked a bit, because I sold a lot of Hot Wheels and Matchboxes, but I managed to buy some really cool Kyoshos, Tomicas and other more premium things on the other side. So now, I try to show you the top 10 of my purchases this year.

10. Hot Wheels Alpine A110

Alpine A110 is one of the newest cars that I want to drive/buy/get/anything. I just want one IRL, and I haven't feel this for any new cars in the last couple of years. I really dig vintage, old veteran cars, but this tribute is something I want so bad. It's clean and collected, and HW made a quite cool casting, IMHO.

9. Corgi Jensen Interceptor

I were at one of the bourses last year, and I had an eye on this thing at one of the tables. I haven't known this casting exists until then. It was in a bad shape, but I knew that I want to customise it anyway. Jensen Interceptor is a blast. The casting is pretty rare as I know, having it in my collection is something I am really proud of.

8. Majorette Alfa Giulietta

The another thing which I bought at a bourse. The story is quite similar with the Interceptor: I didn't know this casting exists. I love Alfas, and this thing seemed rare, and it was in a very good condition. I had to buy it :D

7. Greenlight Condor II

I haven't collected Greenlight in the past, but I started to think more about getting some later. This RV, Condor, was a love at first sight. And I want to take some Boneville-like pictures later this year, which the Condor II fits perfectly in. I just don't know how I will construct something desertish yet.

6. Schuco Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing

The reason is simple: I wanted a Gullwing in my collection. But the choises are slim: as I know, only Corgi, Norev, Siku and Schuco make castings about the 300SL (okay. UCC made a racing version, and HW came out with it's interpretation the end of this year). And the Schuco was the thing I like the most, because of the quality of it. Love it.

5. Tomica Toyota 2000GT SCCA

I had a Tomica 2000GT earlier (a plain gold one, really like that), but I sold it, because I already had a 2000GT which HW made, and a Konami version. I also have the HW 2000GT James Bond Cabrio. But an unfortunate bid came alive, and I won this SCCA version. And... just wow. All of the details are jaw-dropping: my favourite is that the wheel-hubs have different colors on each side: the left ones are blue, and the right ones are red! Awesome!

4. Kyosho Shelby Cobra

I. Really. Dig. Cobras. And this silver metallic paint... make this a bit restomod-like. Freaking cool.

3. Kyosho Maserati Tipo 61

Italian cars are my weak spots. Maserati Birdcage racing cars? I'm melting. I saw one of these things racing earlier on the Hungaroring Classics. It's a beauty. Having it in 1/64? An honour.

2. Kyosho Porsche 911R

One of my best lucks in this year. An absolute gorgeous thing. No words needed.

1. 7-11 Taiwan Pagani Huayra BC

Well, the Kyosho's are awesome. The Tomicas are jewels. The Konamis are precious. But when I got this Pagani Huayra, with the removable hood... I was very close to loose my conscious. The details...THE DETAILS! All in a 1/64 car. By far the best thing I bought this year. And I already bought the Veyron and Chiron, hope the postal service will hand it to me in the next couple of days.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Have a great New Year to you! And continue to collect great stuffs! Cheers!


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  • Happy New Year Martin! Still love that Jensen!

      1 year ago
  • That Jensen is awesome. I gotta get me one to customize. Nice work, as always.

      1 year ago
  • This is awesome. I will also join in on this ☺️

      1 year ago