- Let's count down my TOP 10 EVER !


Boyan D posted in Mish View

11w ago


#Audi A2 - That deserves to be 10th !

The famous #Fiat Multipla , and due to the fact that everyone expect it to be 1st , i'm placing it 9th

#BMW 2 series Active Tourer - BMW at it's top bottom design period EVER ! ..BMW fan boys will say , "yeah, but it has the M-power front bumper ....yeah the original M-orning shit design shape.. 8th place then !

#Daihatsu Move - Not much to say here either ! - just a shell with some wheels on it ! - 7th place ! ( oh, and a rear spoiler ) for downforce !!!

#Nissan Juke - More like a NIssan JOKE to me ! - 6th place !

#Pontiac Trans Sport - Of course it's ugly... IT'S AMERICAN - 5th place !

Just another #Prius Plug-in Hybrid.. Ehhh.... I'm tired of this car ...4th place !

#Land Rover #Discovery - Someone from the design department has slept over the rear-end draft sheet, so a bit of saliva dropped around the stop lights area. Bronze and 3th place !

#Nissan Cube - The runner up on 2nd place ! - As ugly as fuck !

The winner is winning simply because it looks like a 1999 #Audi A6 #Allroad and costs as much as all the rest together ! ... making it a very very very stupid car !

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  • 2006 Subaru tribeca or Subaru R2

    1 month ago
  • Not the Discovery, or the Bentley. I protest strongly at those.

    2 months ago
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