Top 10 U.S. Hot Rod Engines: #6 to #4

- Recap: #10 Oldsmobile Rocket, #9 Buick Nailhead, #8 Buick, Oldsmobile & Pontiac 455, #7 Buick, Oldsmobile & Pontiac 350. Bring on #6, #5 & #4.
- #6
- #6 is a HEMI! In '51 the Chrysler Corporation introduced a V8 with hemispherical heads. Don't worry too much about what that means, just know it was fast! This 331 cubic inch 1st generation engine was known by the trade name "Fire power".
- While searching for more power to compete in NASCAR Mopar fitted a Max Wedge short block with newly designed Hemi heads. The 426 was born. The party lasted 'till '71 when outside pressure brought about the end of the Elephant.
- #5
- The Ford Windsor series comes in at #5. Introduced in '62, the SBF has gained in popularity in recent years. In its original design the engine was difficult to install in early Hot Rods. Its front mounted oil pump prevented it from widespread use.
- The oil pan interfered with frame cross members common in early Ford cars. Eventually die hard Ford fans would figure out how to make them work, but the Hot Rodding community had largely passed the Windsors by.
- #4
- In 4th is Chevys Mark IV V8. The Rat, Mountain Motor, Semi-Hemi the Big Block Chevy. The 396 came out in '65 & would be followed by the 366, 402, 427, 430, 454, 496 & the 502 cubic inch engines. The 396 & the mas produced 454 are very common in HRs.
- The BBC engine was produced until 2009. Tomorrow I will announce my #3 & #2 picks, for the best U.S. Hot Rod engines. The #1 engine will be announced on Friday, so be sure & check back!

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