Top 11 coolest Toyotas of all time

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Toyota is a brand that has maintained their high reputation for many years. They have a rich motorsport history alongside some of the best '80s and '90s cars for motoring enthusiasts. I'm pretty sure this will be the most contested 'best of' list that I will ever do, but I'll be fighting my case in the comments if any of you want an old fashioned war of words.

I've had to omit some of my favourite Toyotas from this list, just because I wanted to keep it to about 10 or 11, otherwise this list could be top 37 coolest Toyotas and that would be a bit much.

So, sharpen your pitchforks, get your wooden sticks ablaze and let's go through the coolest 11 Toyota of all time.

11) Toyota Supra A70

A testament to Toyota's heritage is having the Supra A70 to kick off the list. If I was personally given a choice between the A70 and A80, I'd take the A70 every time. I know I'd be stabbed on the street if I'd not place the Supra A80 on this list… so let's see where it appears.

10) Toyota Land Cruiser

The die-hard petrolheads might be in a little bit of uproar here, but you can't deny the FJ40's coolness. I wanted to include the Land Cruiser Amazon, but the FJ40 just pipped it to the post. It also took the no.1 spot on my sexiest 4x4s of all time:

9) Toyota GT86

A lot of you have been vocal in your criticism of the GT86 and its 'lack of power,' but I want to champion it. This car is proof that Toyota were willing to listen to their audience and make a car for us, the petrolheads. Manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive and something that wouldn't break the bank too much, the GT86 is a love-letter to driving as entertainment and not a necessity.

8) Toyota Celica - Carlos Sainz WRC

OK, now we're getting serious. Subaru may have dominated WRC with the Impreza and a certain Mr. McRae, but what really sticks out in my memory is Carlos Sainz and his beautiful Castrol liveried Celica. Am I being swayed by pop-up headlights? Perhaps… Did I have a small model of this car with tiny pop-up headlights that I drifted along the family dog's back until I was told off? Perhaps…

7) Toyota GT-One

This is obviously cool because race car, but this has an added level due to a certain legend helping take it to a win in its class. No, not Martin Brundle who retired from the race, but a certain Keiichi Tsuchiya, the drift king.

6) Toyota Celica Liftback

The second Celica on the list, but not the last. The '70s Liftback Celica screams nostalgic cool. I'm not going to lie, this car was pushed up this list when I saw ElectricFederal's Youtube vid:

5) Toyota Corolla AE86 Sprinter Trueno/Levin

I can hear the sigh of relief from you guys from here. Of course I had to include tofu delivery car, but it comes in at no.5 which may be a disappointment to a few of you. The four Toyotas above it will make you think again though.

I'll just leave this vid here too:

4) Toyota 2000GT

The Japanese 'E-type.' Just take a moment to take that image in. This certainly takes the crown for most beautiful Japanese car of all time as it did in my article last year:

3) Toyota Supra A80

OK internet, you can shut up now. Here is your precious A80 and in Super GT form. I'll admit it is bloody cool, but this is 90% peer pressure.

2) Toyota Celica IMSA GTO

There are few cars that make me stop what I'm doing to just stare at it for a good 30 mins, but the Celica IMSA GTO does exactly that. It even has Celica written in blood on the front of it. COME ON! There is only one car that can take the crown of coolest Toyota of all time away from this.

1) Toyota 222D

What happens when you give an MR2 steroids and a load of cocaine. The Toyota 222D happens.

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  • LFA. Just for that engine sound.

    1 month ago
  • I can't believe that the A80 has so many votes. There are too many Paul Walker mancrushes over this post!

    Obviously The A70 is way more beautiful car...and obviously the 2000GT is the best of all!

    1 month ago


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