2y ago


1) Mike Whittingham: "James, where did you get your jacket, I like it"

RH: "Really? What are you watching the show on, the toaster?"

2) Adam Vlahogiannis: "How did you really break your arm?"

JM: "I fell over. Not very heroic."

3) Etienne Formosa: "Where did you find the American?"

JM: "Sweden."

4) Jack Jennings: "Did you have to search through bad car ads to find the Maseratis?"

RH: "Yes. That's how we find all our cars; there's no magic formula or special place to go really. We just look for them like everyone else does."

5) Joao Almeida: "Do you still have your Maserati Richard?"

JM: "The Maserati Richard never went into production. It was just a very small concept car."

6) Henry Catchapole: "Splendid skids in the Alfa Mr. Hammond. LSD?"

JM: "Just a couple of stiff gins, I think."

7) Paula Howard: "Oooh a black bonnet."

RH: "Yup, and you've got to love a car with black bonnet. It's the law. Unless the whole car's black, in which case it's just a bonnet."

8) James Piggot: "Will you try to get Donald Trump on the Grand Tour for Celebrity Brain Crash?"

JM: "Do I sense wishful thinking?"

9) Kat Lachdochmal: "Haha I want to congratulate Hammond on hitting Clarkson with a bottle!"

RH: "It was a pleasure. No, I mean it really, really was a pleasure. Shame we couldn't find one of those fake, sugar glass ones. But I liked it anyway."

10) JM: "I went through about 10 toll booths with that busted arm. I was ready to kill someone. But I'd broken my arm."

Brad Ashworth: "Should've reversed through em."

11) JM: "Oh no! I'm dead!"

Hayley Porter: "Does that mean you're not coming on then?"