Top 12 petrolhead games and gadgets on Black Friday

And yes, you can get both Forza Horizon and NFS games

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Let's start with the bad news: there are no video games from the Gran Turismo series here. Duh. No surprise there, Gran Turismo probably doesn't need Black Friday deals to sell games and vice versa. But anyway, you can find some interesting deals on a variety of different games, including (!) a video game based on the Fast & Furious franchise. But there are also some good games here.

1. Assetto Corsa Competizione (Xbox One and PS4)

If you're after an engaging sim experience on console then you can't do much better than Assetto Corsa Competizione. It's finally been patched to a playable state, and if you have an Xbox Series X or PS5 you'll be treated to a buttery smooth GT racing experience. It's down to £21 on both platforms.

Buy now at Amazon UK.

2. Store more games on your Nintendo Switch

This is a Nintendo-licensed memory card, specifically designed for expanding the memory on your Nintendo Switch. It supports high-speed transfers of up to 1000MB/s.

This particular model has a memory of 128 GB terabyte but a smaller 64 GB version is available, as well as larger 256 and 512 GB options.

Buy it at Amazon.

3. Fast & Furious Crossroads (PS4/Xbox One)

If you're looking for ways to spend the time arguing with your mates about the best Fast & Furious from the franchise… well, Fast & Furious Crossroads can help you settle the argument because it's technically a whole new plot, based on the F&F story. And it's sort of alright. Ish.

Buy it at Amazon. Oh, here's the Xbox version.

4. Need for Speed : Hot Pursuit Remastered (PS4/Xbox One)

I credit the NFS franchise (along with the Fast & Furious film franchise) for putting a lot of interesting cars on the map. I'm sure that amazing JDM products like the Skyline wouldn't have had the same impact without NFS and the Fast & Furious films.

Maybe I'm wrong. is only a couple of weeks old and a good deal at that price. You get to drive exotic supercars with weapons, you get an extra six hours of gameplay, more than 30 challenges, new achievements, new car colours and wraps. Did I mention the weapons?

Buy it now at Amazon UK.

5. F1 2020 (PS4/Xbox One)

This is brilliant. If you want to make sure that your least favourite driver ends up dead last and your favourite driver wins a race this is your chance to do it because the PS4 and Xbox One versions of F1 2020 are a little cheaper now.

With a bit of luck, you can even win the constructors' title with Haas.

Buy it now at Amazon.

6. Burnout Paradise Remastered (Xbox One)

I guess you could write a list, which includes Burnout video games and it would be the size of of War & Peace. If you're familiar with the Burnout series, Paradise is a classic open-world take on smashing things to smithereens.

It's now a fiver as an Xbox One digital code.

Buy it now at Amazon UK.

7. Project Cars 3 (PS4, Xbox One)

The Project Cars series is probably not as popular as NFS or Gran Turismo but it's still bloody good fun. The third instalment took a more arcadey angle which has put some people off, but at a new reduced price there's more reason to try PC3 out.

Like several other games on the list, there's a PS4 Version and an Xbox One version.

8. Need For Speed PayBack (Xbox One)

I must've played Need for Speed games (mostly Underground 2) on Playstation, I don't know, like a million times but I don't have much experience with the Xbox so when a friend invited me to try NFS Payback on Xbox One a few weeks ago I said yes chiefly because, when all is said and done, it was basically a completely new game for me.

I mean, the storyline is similar, the cars are great, and there are a few interesting classes including Drift and Drag Racing. I quite enjoyed it.

9. Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One and Windows 10)

So I have this friend, he's useless at FIFA, even more useless than I am, and he always, always loses. And every time he loses a game, he always says the same thing: "I hate FIFA, I gotta start playing *insert car game name here*".

I might give him a copy of Forza Horizon 4 to shut him up – it's only £16.50 now on Xbox and PC. It's bloody brilliant and you need to play it, even if your usual bread and butter is driving sims.

Buy it now at Amazon UK.

10. Need for Speed Heat (PS4, Xbox One)

The same thing I said about Burnout games applies here. You could write a list with 2,000 games only with NFS games.

NFS Heat (now £23) is one of the coolest games in the series, probably my second favourite (after Underground 2), and there's a very good deal now so I'm actually thinking about it. By the way, this is the PS4 version, but an Xbox One version is also available.

11. Logitech 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset – down from £140 to £68

Hands up if you prioritise style and design when buying your headseat/headphones. There's no shame in that, we've all done it. Luckily this Logitech 7.1 surround sound gaming headset looks cool and sounds good. It's a bit of a bargain at £68 too.

You get a noise cancelling microphone, Dolby DTS Headphone:X support, 15-hour battery life, and it's compatible with both Mac and PC.

Buy it now at Amazon UK.

12. VR Headset for Nintendo Switch

I had the opportunity to try virtual reality on a couple of occasions and it was both amazing and slightly unsettling because it was very realistic. It takes a minute or two getting used to.

This kit is designed for Nintendo Switch and it's made from a material called EVA,which is basically a vinyl-based alternative to plastic. Very durable and super light weight. You can use it to play games and you can even watch YouTube videos with it.

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  • If you're on PC, I'd definitely recommend Assetto Corsa (not Competizione). Endless mods and has 24/7 occupied busy servers 👍

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