Top 3: Most Expensive Cars Sold At Auction Ever!

3. 1957 Ferrari 335 Sport Scaglietti

Price: $35,700,000 Auction: Artcurial, Paris 2016 Engine Configuration: V12 (4.0L, stock) Max.Horsepower: 390bhp (287kW) Max.Speed: 190mph (300kph) Wheelbase: 2350mm Production: 1957-1958

The immediate evolution of the 315 S, the 335 S was given the task of beating the Maserati 450S, which with its 4.5L engine was threatening to overpower the 315 S and 290MM previously leading the scarlet Ferrari's 1957 title charge. Its expertly crafted dimensions and unique bulging curves excelled in combination with Ferraris' technical engineering advances, making the 335 S incredibly important in winning the battle against Maserati for the 1957 World Sport Cars Constructors Title. Rather unfortunately however, the 335 S legacy lies mainly in its protagonist involvement in the infamous 1957 Millie Miglia crash where the last minute driver change to put Alfonso De Portago at the helm ended in tragedy when a tyre explosion caused a horrific incident, killing 14 spectators, De Portago and his co-driver Edmund Nelson leading to a barrage of protests, which would eventually halt high speed road-racing in Italy altogether. This particular 335 S raced for Ferrari in the 12 hours of Sebring in 1957, 24 hours of Le Mans 1958 (in which it set the lap record of an average speed of around 120mph) and the Swedish Grand Prix 1958; notable drivers included Wolfgang Von Trips, Mike Hawthorn and Sir Stirling Moss. With only four produced and its racing significance not to be sniffed at, this is surely a valid entry on this list.

2. 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Price: $38,115,000 Auction: Bonhams, The Quail 2014 Engine Configuration: V12 (3.0L, stock) Max.Horsepower: 300bhp (221kW) Max.Speed: 174mph (280kph) Wheelbase: 2400mm Production: 1962-64

Second on the list is the all conquering Ferrari 250 GTO (chassis number 3851GT). Making its public debut in January 1962 with the aims of surpassing the Jaguar E Type, the 250 GTO represented the pinnacle of the Ferrari 250 GT series, remaining loyal to the front-engine configuration which all of Ferrari's sports racing counterparts had ditched. On its Maiden outing in the 1962 12 hours of Sebring, the 250 GTO came second only to the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa sport racing car. The potential of the car was quickly realized by Ferrari and the car went on to dominate the GT category for the commencing three seasons. Among some of the 250 GTO's most lucrative victories were wins in the Tour de France (1963,1964), GT category wins at Le Mans (1962,1963) and Nurburgring 1000km (1963,1964), the Tourist Trophy at Goodwood (1962,1963) and GT class wins in the Targa Florio (1962,1963,1964). Written in history as one of the cars that encases the philosophy of Ferrari as a racing car manufacturer, it would be unjust if a 250 GTO didn't exist on this very list.

1. 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Price: $48,405,000 Auction: RM Sotheby's, Monterey 2018 Engine Configuration: V12 (3.0L, stock) Max.Horsepower: 300bhp (221kW) Max.Speed: 174mph (280kph) Wheelbase: 2400mm Production: 1962-64

And top of the charts is... another Ferrari 250 GTO (chassis number 3413GT, the third factory one ever built). It just has to be. Sharing the same iconic heritage as all other 25O GTO's this increase in value lies simply in the fact that the car is getting more expensive every year, with interest exceeding the number of cars available for purchase. The original owner of this model was Edoardo lualdi-Gabardi, who not only won 9 out of 10 races with it in 1962, winning the Italian National GT championship that year, but also never crashed the car or retired in any of his 10 races in 1962 and combined 20 in 1963 and 1964. As a result many of the original factory parts are still on the car today. In an attempt to purchase the car, the bidding war lasted ten minutes between three bidders before an eventual buyer came out surpassing the previous record by over $10m. Being one of thirty-six and leaving the legacy that it did behind, it‘s no wonder that the 250 GTO takes top spot on this list as the most expensive car auctioned ever.




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