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Top 3 PC games for petrolheads.

You don`t know what videogame to gift to your petrolhead friends? don`t worry. I got your back with my own personal selection

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When people talk to me about computer games they often mention that PC gaming is for people with deep pockets, and although it is true in some cases. PC gaming is not necessarily expensive or requires an extremely powerful computer to enjoy the best games available on the market. This is why I have set up this selection of games that doesn't require a lot of computing power and RAM, if a Laptop with just 8GB of ram can run it your desktop should be able to as well,

1-Car Mechanic Simulator 2018



As many petrolheads aspire to work with cars, are undergoing work formation or simply want to have fun emulating car restoration programs on TV. I'm pretty sure that Car Mechanic Simulator shouldn't be missing on the list of games for any kind of petrolhead.

In Car Mechanic simulator 2018 you can create and develop your repair empire with this completely detailed and realistic simulation of the car internals taken care until the smallest detail and with the Lastest available graphics in your very own car workshop including a garage in which to store your projects or restored cars, You can also take walks around the junkyard to find parts for your cars. Ready to get hands-on work? Grab those tools and go get dirty like a proper mechanic!

2-Asseto Corsa



Although it may not seem like it, Asseto Corsa is a game that doesn't require a lot of power to run, although for people who use a laptop on the 8 GB of RAM range I would recommend them to lower the graphics a bit for it to run smoothly.

Asseto corsa is a NextGen racing sim that counts with an advanced DirectX11 graphics engine with dynamic shadows, surfaces, and immersive environments. It is also compatible with VR devices paired with an advanced physics engine to create a very realistic driving experience, Asseto corsa also includes many game modes, Career mode, Single-player, Multiplayer, quick races, drifting, drag.. the choices are nearly infinite.

Asseto corsa certainly makes other Console sims look like infants in comparison knowing how we can adjust EVERY single aspect of the car, locate flat tire spots or heat cycles. Activate KERS... Every aspect of out car can be fiddled with before or while we are driving it down a racetrack.

Asseto Corsa is also highly modifiable and tunable with the possibility of adding your very own custom-built tracks or cars into the game. Asseto Corsa also includes real racing tracks like Monza, Silverstone, Imola, Mugello, Spa, Brands Hatch including the famous Nurburgring including a lot of licensed cars like Mercedes, Lotus, Bmw and many more available. Compatibility is also not a problem with this game, Keyboard, Joystick, Gamepad, Wheel... You can use any kind of control device you want making the game more accessible and adaptable at every need and style of each gamer.




And finally, Automation couldn't be missing from this list since it is one of the best games that I have certainly played.

You get to build your cars and drive them as well. Automation is a game that will allow them to become an armchair CEO to build their very own car company from the ground up, from simple economy cars made for everyday commuters to fierce fire breathing hypercars capable of putting the lastest hypercars to shame.

The player counts with a wide range of tools that allow designing their car from the ground up, they can choose EVERY single detail of how their engine layout or characteristics will be including the bodywork and general design until the most smaller of details. The campaign will begin in 1946 and run until 2020 with the main goal of bringing their startup car company to success and popularity in the whole world.

All Manufacturers can be brought to success If managed properly while building the Right Image for the player´s brand. Among many tasks, the Player will take place in will be the engine designs and cars, Factory Management.

R&D including advertising campaigns as well. Time also advances at the pace the player wishes to only to stop for events and occurrences. Automation is composed by the engine designer, the car designer, and the company manager, they pack a user-friendly layout and intuitive controls To help new players to get started there are tutorial missions available paired with descriptive texts which will help the apprentices become the masters.

The tools available for the player give a nearly infinite number of options to create unique cars with vastly different engines, Drivetrains, Sizes... Automation also features an in-game exporter which allows them to export their cars to the crash physics simulation game BeamNG drive, every single detail and performance will be there whenever you feel like testing out your car in BeamNG and finding out how fast it can get, so far this game is far from complete, and there are more features to be released & developed. Grab it while you can on Steam!

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