Top 5 best random JDM car videos from youtube

these are my favorite 5 youtube videos that hasn't gone mainstream

The Fifth place video is in my opinion a little too long, but certainly a good clip to be seen, it features a very crazy city turbo with volk turbo fans and motocompo, if you are not a 100% JDM fan you may not like this one so much, but the fact that there is people taking care and loving these amazing cars is just amazing.

Some one said JDM?

Well you can´t spell JDM without RWB here an amazing video of one of Nakai's awesome 964s

We got one of my videos making it to the middle of the list, A proof that subjectivism is bias LOL never the least like other videos it show love for the JDM cars. This is as good as video editing and music selection goes for me. it may lake the environments but it has a JDM that you must likely have never seen.

A 90s JDM icon with a dignified update, nice rims and stance, makes it's debut on this teaser with well-chosen environments and a very watch-over aesthetic, It also earns some extra points for the water drops, I mean... that is just sexy.

This is the King of the hill I love this video, I love the RX7 with green rota grids with Volk stickers, I love the Efini logo swap, Everything about this video is amazing, every shot is perfect. please don't forget to give Jessy the creator a thumbs up.

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