Top 5 Fastest 0-60mph Cars

2y ago


What makes a fast car? I suppose by the definition of fast it's got everything to do with a car's top speed. But really, in the sense we mean, we wouldn't call a car 'fast' if it took two weeks to get to 200mph.

Okay, maybe we would, but you know what I mean.

0-60 times are indicative of how fast a car is overall, but not entirely. But in the big game of Top Trumps we like to play with each other's motors, nothing beats a 0-60 shootout.

So here are the Top 5 Fastest 0-60mph cars... in the world!

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  • I was expecting the last car to be maybe the Hennessey or maybe something like the Aerial, but not a Challenger!!

    2 years ago
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  • 0-60-0 ?

    2 years ago


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