Top 5 Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts or DIY'ers

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Gift idea #1

This here is a workshop creeper seat, model number 24993 makes working on different projects more comfortable and convenient. Available in a variety of color, blue, orange, red, yellow, black, white, and green to suite the color of one’s workspace, it is equipped with 2 storage drawers, a tray, and a holder for 3 cans.

Assembly is very straight forward and you’ll find it has a very well built and rugged design. With a maximum weight capacity of 286lbs and four casters makes it easily maneuverable in all spaces.

Gift idea #2

A compact, 1/4” inch straight die grinder, model number 24404. I have been using this die grinder for quite a few projects and you’ll see it feature in some of my tutorial videos. Just make sure the person you’re shopping with has access to an air compressor, this die grinder’s compact size makes it great for getting into those tight spaces, it’s only 4.7 inches in length, at 90psi it has a 2.4cfm air consumption and has a free speed of 25,000 rpm. Great for anyone working on auto bodies, metal, wood, and mechanical components.

Gift idea #3

Another pneumatic tool, again being featured in some of my tutorials and has made my projects so much easier is this heavy duty mini surface prep sander kit, model number 24471. Just like the die grinder, can be used for anyone working on auto bodies, metal, wood, and mechanical components. The kit not only includes the surface sander, but also various attachments such as the 2 and 3 inch backer pads, along with various abrasive to get someone started on their project. And to help improve organization, it even comes in it’s own storage tray.

Gift idea #4

An 11 piece punch and chisel set, model number 23996. Made from a unique alloy steel that has been heat treated to improve durability and strength, the set included 3 chisels, 3 pin punches, a center punch, 3 tapered punches, and an angle gauge. They feature a satin finish to help resist finger prints and it provides a protection against rusting to ensure a long life. With the custom foam tray, this will keep the set neatly packaged away in a tool box.

Gift idea #5

We all know that excellent lighting is a must for working on any project, it makes that task as hand so much easier. No cord to tangle up or trip over, here I have this 700 lumen rechargeable cob led slim inspection light, model number 24646. The ultra slim design allows one to get into those tight places and with the variable brightness, you can select the perfect light setting for the task at hand. This light also features a loop for hanging and a magnetic rotational base, keeping that light in place when you’re working.

Now for the giveaway, in order to enter you must be either from the United States or Canada due to the shipping policy, two lucky winners will be selected one week from today and they will receive this work light. This Christmas giveaway is open to my subscriber and to enter, follow the link in the video description and then complete the desired actions.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas or happy holidays. If you’re just stumbled upon this video and are new to my channel, be sure to hit that subscribe button for future automotive tutorial video, new videos are released every week. Thank you for watching.

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