Top 5 Halloween Themed Car Names

Are these scary sounding cars scary or not?

3y ago

We're only a few days out from Halloween, so now seems like it would be the perfect time to take a look at the best Halloween themed car names. Which cars have names that sound scary and actually fit the personality of the car? And should we include the Ford Probe?

All jokes aside, here are our top 5 Halloween themed car names:

Dodge Demon

Honestly, were we going to start with anything else? The Demon is a car that is loud, fast, and will kill you if you have no clue how to handle all that power. This 840 HP behemoth more than lives up to its name.

Hennessey Exorcist

Hennessey Performance took one look at the Demon and said "Pshaw. We can beat that." And they did. They took an already potent Camaro ZL1 and bumped up that LT4's engine to 1,000 HP. Congrats Hennessey, you have exorcised the Demon.

Lamborghini Diablo



Staying on the theme of demons and devils, we have the Lamborghini Diablo. Released in 1990, the Diablo was the first Lambo capable of topping 200 MPH. Combine that with a 5 speed manual and you've got yourself a car that would make grown men cry.

Rolls Royce Phantom

CREDIT: Autoblog

CREDIT: Autoblog

Here we have a car that does not in any way conjure up feelings of fear. In fact, the only thing scary about the Phantom is the name itself, and possibly the fact that you might die of comfort and luxury. However, we felt the Phantom needed mentioning since Rolls Royce likes to name their cars stuff like Ghost, Phantom, Wraith, etc.

Plymouth Prowler

CREDIT: Wikipedia

CREDIT: Wikipedia

Rounding out our list of scary sounding car names is the Plymouth Prowler, a car that was designed to emulate the classic hot rod. It wasn't a particularly fast car, but the Prowler looked great and kicked off a period where companies were reviving retro designs for their cars.

Obviously we didn't name every car that has a scary sounding name, so let's hear what you guys have!


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