Top 5 Hammond roasts on James May's Rolls Royce

1y ago


A certain Mr James May submitted his most recent purchase and new pride joy, a stunning Rolls Royce, into Roast My Ride.


The roasters in Roast My Ride are pretty brutal and don't really hold back, so he was pretty brave in submitting the gentlemanly Rolls Royce up for a public roasting.

One said roaster was co-host and friend of Mr May, Richard Hammond. Hammond may not have been as aggressive as Steve from Wolverhampton, but he certainly had a lot to say.

Here are the top 5 Hammond roasts:

1) He starts off pretty lightly

'Pinsharp handling like a sofa' - Richard Hammond

2) Starts getting a little more personal...

'Subtle too. Not one to make a fuss, James' - Richard Hammond

3) He goes slightly abstract

'Any good for private detective work' - Richard Hammond

4) Takes another dig at being posh

'Where do you keep the piano in it' - Richard Hammond

5) Anyone who knows what he means with this one... let me know

'Barrel vaulted ceiling too' - Richard Hammond

Do you think that Hammond was being too harsh on May?

If you want to submit your car for roasting, you can do here: