Top 5 Most Iconic Wings On Cars

There were so many we could have added to the list, let us know what we've missed!

3y ago

Before we start, yes, there is a major difference between wings and spoilers. Spoilers spoil (hence the name) the airflow and reduce lift. Wings purposefully create downforce. But, for the sake of this video, we'll refer to all of the following examples as wings.

The thing about Top 5 lists is the fact that we only had room for five. There are so many more cars that could have gone into this like a Porsche 964, One:1, the Ferrari F40... I could go on.

Comment below what cars you'd add to the list and why, and maybe we'll make another one!



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Comments (33)

  • "Ford Sierra cosworth"

    Immediately shows footage of an escort.

    Top work that.

      3 years ago
  • The oldest Bugatti veyron, toyota supra, ford escort cosworth, plymouth superbird and the ferrari f40 have iconic wings, the other ones have good downforce or look unique, they are not iconic.

      3 years ago
  • There should be two categories, fixed and deployable. I'd add the Subaru WRX and EVO wings in the fixed class. As other have said the Lambo wing from the 80's and the whaletails from the same era Porsche's.

      3 years ago
  • Totally agree with the Sierra Cosworth and Plymouth Superbird. When you speak of iconic features, I believe you should be able to look at the wing and know the car it came on without seeing the rest of the car. Tyler Gee's suggestion of Porsche's ducktail and whale tail are spot on in that. The FXX-K is unique, but I couldn't have told you what kind of car it was off the top of my head and the Lancia and Merc's movable wings aren't seen when the car is sitting, so they're hard to identify. My votes would be for the Lamborghini Countach's $4K optional boomerang wing and the Toyota Supra's hoop wing.

      3 years ago
  • 911 Turbo


      3 years ago