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Top 5 most pointless Bond cars of all time

These really deserved more screen time

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How many of you are looking forward to 'No Time To Die' releasing in November? Personally, I've been more patient than a news reporter interviewing Trump; because of a ridiculously sneaky and contagious virus, it was supposed to have been released in April before being pushed back to mid-November.

The plot is intriguing, the locations seem fabulous. And best of all, it looks to be a montage of some of Bond's greatest cars that anyone from Sean Connery to Timothy Dalton have thundered across enemy grounds and fired arms from. The DB5, the Victor Gauntlet era V8 coupe, and even the new DBS Superleggera make an appearance at some point.

It seems like a dream for Aston lovers and that's without mentioning the various Jaguars, Maseratis, Land Rovers etc. that showed up here and there in the two trailers. Actually, it seems like a dream for any keen petrolhead!

However, that's not really been the case for all Bond films across the decades. At times, it seems that MI6 were running low on petrol money and Q could only provide little glamour for 007. Coming up now are five of the least inspiring cars piloted by Bond across the entire 58-year franchise.

Bentley 3.5 Litre - From Russia With Love

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Of course, hardcore Bond fans will point out that when Ian Fleming was writing the books, Bond's way of getting around was a supercharged Bentley 4.5 Litre Blower. In From Russia With Love, Bond answers a telephone call with the lead stemming from the cabin of a gorgeous green 3.5 Litre Bentley Drophead - a likely reference to the agent's roots.

The sad thing is though: the audience doesn't even get the chance to see the whole car. It appears briefly in shot before the roof is pulled up. After that, there was no sign of the car and I always thought it could've been used in a few more scenes - even if they were short and sweet.

The only other snippet of fame was a simple line from Q in the next instalment, Goldfinger. Even then, it was clear the car had it's day. Still, that did introduce us to the all-singing all-dancing Aston Martin DB5 - and what an icon that became!

Lotus Esprit Turbo - For Your Eyes Only

Image: wikimedia commons

Image: wikimedia commons

The Spy Who Loved Me was a great example of product placement for Lotus. In that film, Roger Moore was flying across Sardinia in a white Esprit S1 evading henchman like it was child's play.

Around comes For Your Eyes Only and things looked promising: Bond arrives in rural Spain in a white Lotus Esprit S3 Turbo... which soon blows up.

A wild ride in a Citroen 2CV and a flight back to England later, and a replacement brown car is ready. Surely, we could see some action now?

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. While the sleek supercar looked pretty, it only appeared in one scene which only lasted about 30 seconds. Mind you, at least Q was happy it was returned in pristine order.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud - A View to a Kill

Image: Wikimedia commons

Image: Wikimedia commons

In theory, this was the perfect car for Bond and Godfrey Tibbett to use while investigating here and around that glamorous palace hotel in France. While the Silver Cloud looked achingly beautiful in the scenes it appeared in, it wasn't really worth Pinewood Studios using such an opulent car.

In the end, the car was drowned in a lake and wasn't really used in that many scenes. I feel like the Roller had so much potential to become a star in that film, but the screenwriters seemed to have other ideas.

BMW Z3 - Goldeneye

Image: BMW

Image: BMW

Now, the case of the Z3's lack of use in Goldeneye is actually forgivable. Because the car used on screen was a prototype and Pinewood Studios made a deal with BMW that the car couldn't be used in any action scenes or get destroyed.

Still though, that doesn't really remove the fact that Q mentioned 'all the usual requirements' yet there wasn't even a hint of them being used. Shame, really.

Oh well, at least the tank pursuit through St Petersburg was an amazing sequence.

BMW Z8 - The World is Not Enough

Image: BMW

Image: BMW

Let's not get mistaken, the Z8 is one of the most beautiful and timeless cars to ever come out of Bavaria. It's sleek lines that hark back to the glorious 507 made it an instant classic that's still desirable to this day.

It may have shot down one helicopter after being driven 2 yards in reverse, but our expectations were also shot down with just how little use the Z8 had.

It's a shame because the M5's V8 engine gave this car so much performance - and great potential for an all-out moving action sequence. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be...

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Image: Rolls Royce

Image: Rolls Royce

So, there we are. That's my list of the five most pointless cars ever to appear throughout the Bond franchise.

Feel free to throw in any opinions in the comments and as always, take care and I hope you enjoyed reading.


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  • What a splendid article!

      8 months ago
  • Thanks for that one, enjoyed it! By the way, it was Saint Petersburg in Goldeneye, not Moscow. And I am totally with you on that one, that T-55 chasing a Volga GAZ 3102 was realy worth while!

      8 months ago
  • It's really ironic that all 3 BMWs (Z3, 750, Z8) were treated really poorly in the film.

      8 months ago
  • Yesterday I've been out and about looking for a good Z3 for a friend of mine, we've seen quite a few bad ones, but two may be interesting, one of those is one of one hundred made especially for the Bond movie, in the exact colour, correct wheels etc.

      8 months ago
  • The DB5 being used in Skyfall was unnecessary and utterly daft.

      8 months ago