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Learning how to use the Uber and Lyft apps can be extremely confusing when you first start out. Honestly, a good portion of my Uber rides continue to be awkward to this day! I thought I would use all this awkwardness to create a list of various experiences people encounter when they first start using these apps.

Here we go!


Naturally, we are familiar with tipping cab drivers once we arrive at our destination. So why wouldn't we tip Uber or Lyft drivers? Well, a big part of the appeal with these car-sharing services is that they focus on the cashless aspect. It's annoying to carry change these days. While you do have the option to tip the drivers on your phone, it is not an expectation. It seems strange not to tip though, especially during your first couple of Uber rides. The concept of simply saying, "Thank you," and getting out sans tipping is an unfamiliar but cool feeling. I remember on my first ride, I felt like I was doing something wrong. On a side note, it is nice to tip them considering that they are using their own car and are therefore responsible for their own gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.


What is better than going for a super long walk across town, getting lost, and taking an Uber back home? Not much if you ask me. EXCEPT, when you get into a nice, air conditioned Uber that has water bottles, snacks, and a phone charger. Although this is a pretty sweet feeling, at the beginning of my Uber rides, I felt pretty unsure of actually taking or using these items. I mean some Uber drivers had them and others did not. So why were some of them so nice?! The answer to this question leads us to the following thought...


Uber drivers and riders can rate each other from 1 to 5 stars based on their experience during the ride. These numbers tally up into an overall rating. When you first see this, you are confused but also amazed that the concept of 'rating one another' has transcended into the real, everyday world. Suddenly, it becomes necessary for you to be a good person if you want to continue getting rides 😛. This reminds reminds me of that Black Mirror episode where everyone rates each other with their phones, in order to use various services and live in specific neighbourhoods, until the main character has a nervous breakdown. Regardless, ratings are useful but also an uncomfortable aspect when you focus on it.


Okay, this one may not be for everyone, but it's definitely an occasional feeling I had at the beginning so I'm including it! When you first start using Uber or Lyft, you are hyper aware of the fact that these are everyday people in their cars driving you to a destination of your choice. This is super freaky! I don't know about you, but I was questioning how I could trust strangers who are not officially employees of a company to drive me. I had a fear of getting kidnapped, especially when on one of my first rides, the Uber driver took a different route that went against the GPS because he knew of a, "Faster way." It was not faster, and at the end he proceeded to ask for my number so umm... *cringing hard right now.* Obviously they have many protective measures in place, but always be aware!


This is by far the worst of all. The app glitches like crazy. This seems to be especially true for the drivers. Occasionally when I book an Uber trip, the app doesn't actually inform the Uber driver of where to go for a few minutes. Or, it will be lagging and not catch up to the Uber driver's whereabouts and cause the drivers to miss their turns. This can then cause the Uber driver to take a really long time to get to you because they're busy circling around. In addition, there is a charge to cancel the ride, thus forcing you to wait for them until the map finally catches up and leads them to you. When you first start using this app, this whole concept is beyond confusing and frustrating. Sadly, it doesn't get much better.

And that's it! What did you think of my list? Are there other awkward situations you have endured when you first started using Uber or Lyft? Let me know in the comments!


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  • I had wondered about the tip....

    9 days ago
  • I did wonder about the whole jumping in stranger's cars thing. I mean for me it's cool. I'm a bald old man who usually travels in a group. If I was a young 20 something girl... Well I can see there being issues. I wonder if Uber, Lyft and Grab should introduce an option for female passengers to filter to only get female drivers? It might take some of the anxiety out of using the service and provide some reassurance?

    2 months ago
    3 Bumps
    • That might be a nice idea! I think if Uber and Lyft just enforced a stronger protocol to make it clear to drivers that they’re working and must remain professional then it should be...

      Read more
      2 months ago
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    • I think it would make thrir service more aytractive than taxis to some girls. Imtold taxi drivers are also prone to the occasuonalninappropriatecomment so ..,

      2 months ago
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