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3y ago

Is there anything more satisfying than a good old onboard video? Of course there isn't.

I hope I'm not the only one who has their favourite onboard videos logged in a special compartment of my brain. A few of these videos pushed out key memories of how to do long division and what a hypotenuse is.

I've put together what I consider, as of this minute, to be the top five onboard videos of all time. If you think of a better onboard video, please post in the comments as I'm always eager for new entries.

Without further ado, here are my top five onboard videos:

1) Colin McRae

Just hearing McRae's co-driver Nicky Grist saying 'don't cut' and watching McRae proceed to cut is just a magical dance I could watch all day. I feel like Nicky Grist is a surrogate father to me after hearing him consistantly for two years whilst playing Colin McRae 2.0.

Video Credit to: TitoLefian

2) RUF vs Nürburgring

The best way to describe this video is 'organised chaos.' The car doesn't need too much downforce as the weight of the driver's balls keeps the car in check.

Video credit: engcameraman2

3) Ari Vatanen Pikes Peak run

This might be cheating slightly as there is a considerable amount of exterior shots, but I can't ignore possibly the most talented rally driver of them all, Ari Vatanen, setting a Pikes Peak record.

Video credit:

4) Ayrton Senna - Monaco

There is no more iconic onboard racing footage than this. There just isn't.

Video Credit: Peter Haralanov

5) Kenny Brack - GT40 drifting

This will be a lesser known clip than the others, but my god is it good. The level of throttle control is astounding. He is almost opposite locking down straights, battling the classic GT40 through some wet conditions and traffic. A must watch.

Video credit: Goodwood Road & Racing

Please send your favourite onboard clips in the comments below.

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Comments (33)

  • For a one-lapper, this is quite pleasing to watch. Lotus Elise race @ bathurst 2005.

      3 years ago
    • That is the most congested race I think I've ever seen.

        3 years ago
    • I see lots of british education here: Ops... Sorry!... Please!... Excuse me... Go... No! :)

        3 years ago
  • Well im sorry,but there was only one winner.Ari vatanen up the piles peak is simply awesome.Back then peaks pike was gravel all the way up!watching him is simply mesmerising and I dare say without any driver aids.not sure if traction control was even born by then.A true genius at his art.

      3 years ago
    • Ok, I might have been a bit mean.Yes senna, who in my eyes,was probably the best natural talent f1 has ever seen,was flying.but if he came unstuck he at least had a barrier to stop him.On the other hand,Ari on some bits a few thousand foot...

      Read more
        3 years ago
  • Urm, I’ll just leave this here

      3 years ago
  • You forgot Walter Röhrl with nearly every on-board video!!!

      3 years ago
  • Even it's not over gravel, I love Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Climb... It remembers me GT2, I could win everything with that thing....

      3 years ago