Top 5 Ugliest Cars in the...World

1y ago


A couple of weeks ago I did a survey to find the ugliest car in the...World.A lot of you have commented and Dm me.So I am going to rate them from the Top 5.It was based on the most votes for each car.So put on your seatbelts and enjoy this article.

In 5th Place(Not surprisingly)Mitsuoka Orochi

Mitsuoka Orochi

Now this car is U G L Y.The grill looks like something like a fish.Plus it has so many headlights and wings for doors.Which makes it a flying fish.It's by far one of the ugliest Sports Car ever made.Just looking at it wants to make me lose my lunch.No wonder only 400 cars where allowed to be made a year.It was to ugly to be seen.Well it was only made between 2006 to 2014.Which means you won't see a lot of these.Thank goodness for that.

In 4th Place(No wonder)Amc Pacer

Amc Pacer

This car looks like someone took a chainsaw and cut the back of it off.The windows are just weird.I mean how big do you want them.If you ever drove and had the window open you would be scared of a elephant coming in not a usual bug.If you had one of these you still wouldn't drive it.Probably because you would still like to keep your pride.In that you may as well walk around a city with no clothes on.It's a flying fishbowl.the strange thing was people bought them.It was made between 1975 to 1979, sold out in 1980.Which means you shant spot a lot.Phew cheers for that.

In 3rd Place(Yuck)Pontiac Aztek

Pontiac Aztek

If there are any kids reading this I am sorry for the horror you just saw.This car invented the word U G L Y.You literally have to have nothing in your life to buy that thing.There are cheaper and better things than that.Why would you waste money on it?It could make a person have nightmares.Just typing about it now wants me to say hello to my breakfast.I saw one of these the other day.I wish I had left my eyes at home because it's ugly.It looks worse than a dog turd.unfortunately there are alot of these things about.Which means no children will be able to sleep at night.Help!

In 2nd Place(It gets worse)The Fiat Multipla

Fiat Multipla

This car is just no.I saw it for the first time on old Top Gear.To me it looked better after they modified it.It improved it.It can make adults cry let alone children.It's just ugly.No it's worse than ugly.It's horrifying.If you saw one of these you will have nightmares for the rest of your life.Makes me wonder.What on earth were they thinking when they made it!YUCK YUCK YUCK.They are also common like the Pontiac Aztek which means you will see them.Some one save us.

In 1st Place(All Children look away)Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke

I should say Nissan Puke.I mean look at the headlights.It looks like someone pulled it's skin back on it's face.Don't even get me started on the grill.Not even a mother would love it.Even someone who is the most controlled person in the world would lose their lunch if they saw this monster.It's Puke and dog turd mixed together to form it.There are alot and I mean alot of these about.Which means don't eat if you go on the road for a long journey.Well because you are going to see more than one.By the time you get to your destination your car is going to be full of your chunches.

That's this survey done.I am sorry if any children were reading.Please do leave your opinions and comments below.