Top 5 Underrated Cars of 'The Fast and the Furious' film franchise

6d ago


5. '03 Saleen S281-E Mustang

The Saleen Mustang was a short-lived participant of the second film to be produced under the 'Fast and Furious' name, which starred in '2Fast 2Furious'. Driven by Troy Brown during the audition race, the Saleen on the screen eventually ended up being flattened after misjudging the gap between two big rigs on the highway. The reason for its well-deserved spot on the top 5 list is down to the memorable whine of its supercharger, and easily identifiable paint scheme and livery.

4. Carter Verone's Ferrari 360 Spider

Carter's Ferrari 360 Spider was another vehicle used during the audition scene in '2Fast 2Furious'. Although the elegantly positioned 360 suffered a break-in by Roman and Brian, its ability to maintain its prominence and stance in the scene was not hindered, thanks to the traditional vibrant red colours that Ferrari is known for. Few supercars were used in the film, which I think amplifies the need for this car to be in the top 5.

3. '89 Chevrolet R-3500 Crew Cab

The Chevy R-3500 used in the fourth iteration of the Fast and Furious franchise is a rarely talked about, justifiably cool purpose-built truck that was used to aid the fuel tanker heist. Combining raw horsepower and sleeper styling, a spot on the list is well-deserved. I just wish that more of these eccentric, quintessentially American, six-wheeled behemoths were used throughout the films - even if the need for it wasn't there.

2. '71 Jensen Interceptor (LS-Swapped)

Letty's Jensen Interceptor that was displayed in various scenes in Fast and Furious 6 demonstrates the best interpretation of why a certain car was used, across all movies in the franchise. The fact that the Interceptor was a noble contributor to British automotive culture contextually means that selecting this vehicle with regard to the geographical setting of the movie (London) made so much sense. In addition to this, the choice to swap the original engine with a 7.2L LS3 V8 accurately conformed to the needs of every American petrolhead, whilst reflecting on Letty's love of American muscle cars. A truly honourable member of the list.

1. '03 Acura NSX

So, we've made it to the top. The cream of the crop, the best of the best. Whatever way you say it, the Acura NSX is here with an extended warranty. It will be hard to beat from a personal perspective, mostly down to my prior love for the car. Equipped with NSX-R suspension, a body armour of exterior parts and attention-seeking red leather seats that contrast the black paintwork, its a safe bet for attracting car lovers - especially as it features in the opening scene of Fast Five, regarded as one of the best movies in the franchise. Mia is behind the wheel of this particular NSX, which differs from her usual choice of cars that are infested with 90s decals and a host of pointless spoilers - but the aim of the mission in the opening scene is not to draw too much attention. Having said this, she did look rather happy in control of it - but let's be honest, who wouldn't be when driving a Honda *cough* Acura NSX?

-Ollie Funnell (18 y/o)