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Top 5 Worlds slowest cars

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Power and speed rank high on the auto maker’s list of ways to catch buyer’s attention and checkbooks. Periods of prosperity lead to luxuries such as air conditioning, cozy interiors, sunroofs and surround sound entertainment systems. People began to plan their whole lives around their cars. Commuting hours to work every day mean millions of people spend more time in their cars than they do in their homes. With the rapid dependence on cars that bloomed mid-century, it’s no wonder that most literature is dedicated to the powerhouse machines that boast well over 200 mph. With the average driver well below the 100 mph mark, let us explore the opposite end of the car enthusiast spectrum. Getting people from Point A to Point B at a snail’s pace, here are the world’s top five slowest cars:

1 The Pinto Bean Peel P50: Perpetually Never Punctual

Blue Peel P50

Break everyone’s neck as you crawl down the road at a snail’s pace in the Peel P50. Ridiculously charming on only three wheels, the Peel P50 is 41in length and 51 in width. Earning the Guinness World Record for the tiniest car in production, the P50 is reminiscent of the Little Tikes Cozy #Coupe.

Funny enough, even those iconic red and yellow play cars, made famous in the eighties and nineties, have four wheels. The# P50 performs at an impressive 100 miles to the gallon, but this all comes at a price. If you’re in a hurry to make to that office meeting, forget about it!

Because of its light weight, miniscule design and moped engine, one will rarely exceed 35 mph. Be the talk of the town and have loads of fun driving the world’s tiniest car. But if being early remains elusive to you as an adult, you may want to look elsewhere. Oh, and of course, try to stay out of other drivers’ blind spots. Safety does not rank high on the Peel P50. #PINTO-BEAN-PEEL-P50

2 The Azonic Aixam Coupe: Takes You Everywhere You Want to Go

Aixam Coupe Evo

Undoubtedly one of the more stylish cars to make our list, the Aixam Coupe is equally sporty and convenient. With an eye-watering 5.6 horsepower, enjoying the journey is no longer an option but a requirement. Lose focus of your destination, and be fully engaged in your journey all while maximizing fuel economy.

Travel to the ends of your imagination in the vehicle that lets you be a kid again, literally. No need to get your driver’s license, this car just needs your attention and coordination to get going.

Keeping your starter car just got cool. With two full size doors, four tires and a little trunk space, the #Aixam Coupe is light-years ahead of the Peel P50. But don’t do any wacky celebratory dances just yet, the Aixam Coupe has no intention of winning a single race. Its zero to sixty stats are nonexistent.


3 Tater Tot Tata Nano: Good Things Do Come in Small Packages, or do they?

GenX Nano

Save gas, time, money and licensure with India’s premier mini car. No driver’s license required, save DMV trips and put those saved dollar towards your next Bag a Beach holiday.

All jokes aside, do be very cautious. The #Tata Nano has run into some malfunctioning systems as of late, and its managing director has been sentenced to jail time for not remedying these issues.

Despite all of this, if you do find yourself in a Tata Nano anytime soon, know you won’t be stranded alone as this is the only car on our list with a whopping four doors. Bad publicity step aside; rarely do you find tater-tot sized vehicles with room for four.


4 Renault Twizy: Who Can Top a Name Like That?

White Renault Twizy

Stay cool as a cucumber in this bite-sized buggy. Speed, on the other hand, is a whole different story. Go from zero to sixty never. Nunca. Jamais.Nie. Mai.n But the tongue-twister name and inter-stellar design mean unlimited fun and compliments. Think of a beefed up golf-cart, designed by extraterrestrials and void of doors, and there you have it: the Renault Twizy.

Maxing out at# 50mph with 17 horsepower, the #Twizy is one of the fastest cars on our list. Check in with your weather app before making any plans, as this door-less mini car makes travel in inclement weather impossible. And don’t forget to buckle up; we don’t want you to roll right out.


5 The Laidback Lounger: 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle Convertible

Volkswagen super beetle

Now you must be scratching your head, with a somewhat perplexed expression. How on Earth did a #Volkswagen make the World’s Slowest Cars list? With every other model available in #turbo or #diesel-turbo, this must be a typo.

While the 1973 Volkswagen Super #Beetle-Convertible will leave the others on this list in the dust, it still takes a whole 23.7 seconds to go from zero to sixty. While that may not sound like an entirely painful wait of mere seconds, car enthusiasts know that anything over a few seconds is downright offensive. But the Super Beetle Convertible redeems itself simply because it can.

Iconic, cute, comfy, stylish, eye-catching and fun to drive, the 1973 Super Beetle Convertible will forever hold a place in our hearts. Put the top down, feel the breeze in your hair, and never exceed the speed limit again.

‘Slow and steady’ wins the race is the moral of the story of The Tortoise and the Hare. In a tale where a persistent tortoise races an energetic hare, the tortoise surprisingly takes the glory from an exhausted, ill-prepared hare. Talk about bunny burnout!

Speaking of slow and steady, mankind’s relationship with cars has always been one of speed, power and improvement. What materials are lightweight yet durable for optimum performance? How can we develop a more #aerodynamic body for maximum speed?

How can we engineer a more #powerful vehicle? These questions and many more, commonly plague today’s car builder. But let us not forget to appreciate the less capable, far-from-glamorous mini cars that also get the job done. Keep in mind, it was the tortoise who won the race, despite the hare’s impressive start.

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