Top 6 cars too sh*t for Roast My Ride

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I recently posted an article on the top images that the Roast My Ride filter bot deleted because... well, it knows that your penis isn't a vehicle. Not even a crash-tested Smart car.

Sometimes the Roast My Ride bot deletes actual cars because they are so bad, they can't even be legally labelled as... a car. I didn't want to be the one to break the news to the submitters of these vehicles, but I've put together a list of them that the filter bot deleted, which is probably a bigger insult to them than the abuse the Roasters give.

Here are my top 6 cars that were too shit for Roast My Ride:

1) Benjamin Dydensborg - Slammed Golf Mk3

I think a lot of you will agree with the RMR bot. Sorry Benjamin, your car's shite. OFFICIAL.

2) Elie Reboul - Porsche facade

The RMR bot gives up to 3 reasons for deleting an image. This was deleted with the term 'facade,' which is possibly my favourite reason I've seen. The RMR bot simply doesn't believe you own the car Elie.

3) Ryu Taggart - Ford covered in 'happy juice'

Sorry Ryu, your car was deleted because it looks like the result of mating season in the Rainbow Unicorn enclosure.

4) Ian Crandoff - Lawnmower

No matter how many times Ian submits his Honda Civic, it keeps getting rejected and I can't put my finger on it.

5) Luke Dinkel - Isetta wants to die

I think this one was rejected for its own good. The Isetta has a permanent expression on its face of 'please end my life.' Sorry Luke.

6) Tor-Inge Fahlstrom - Bonnet balls-up

Instead of spending your hard earned money on tuning your Audi RS4, or even getting some nice rims, you went and painted a utterly shite muscly angel minotaur on the bonnet. Take less drugs Tor-Inge.

If you want your car roasted by the DriveTribe public, you can submit it here:


Disclaimer: If your car is so shit it gets rejected by the filter bot, I will feature it on here and link to your profile… you have been warned.

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