Top 7 Hottest Hatchbacks Made for Fun

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I’ve been thinking... What is the most boring car in the world? ...

It’s a VW Golf. Or Opel Astra. Or Ford Focus. Or... whatever, it’s a hatchback. Reasonably priced, spacious, practical, economical... it ticks so many boxes, there aren’t any quirks left for Doug to tell you about.

But who knew that just by adding more power they can turn into some of the most fun cars out there? I’m Styp and this is a list of seven hot hatchbacks that took fun factor to the extreme! Let’s Roll!!!

7 - Audi RS3

If for some reason you want to have absolutely everything in your compact city car, including all the practicality, luxuries and all the power in the world you must turn your attention to the RS3. That thing is as well-equipped as any other luxury car, with its screens, trackpad and a herd of skinned cows covering the interior. And it looks good on the outside.

But the party piece is hidden from the prying eyes – under all that cool metal you’ll find a 400hp 5-cylinder engine that thanks to a four-wheel-drive system catapults the RS3 from zero to sixty in less than four seconds! That’s as faster than most Lamborghini Gallardos!

And then there is the noise. It cracks and bangs and whirls like a baby V10 prepped for racing; let me tell you - a simple trip to IKEA can’t get any more exciting.

6 - AMC Gremlin 401-XR

The AMC Gremlin is by all accounts a shit car. Cheap, slow and ugly as a berserker gremlin whose ass was cut clean off with a katana.

But then, someone came up with the idea to shove in a 401 inch V8 from the Javelin in this small economy car and effectively turned it into a muscle-hatch from the 70s! Thanks to the oil crisis it only made 255hp which is not a lot, but still more than the Corvette. And that has happened... NEVER again!

I mean, XR was still shit. It had the same lousy brakes, the shifter had a longer throw than the slot machine, and thanks to the added weight it cornered even worse than... well, a 70s budget car. But take it to the drag strip, let that hulk of an engine rock the whole car as you stare at the lights go down – all I can say is: Get ready to RUUUMBLEEEEEE... in a hatchback.

5 - Ford Focus RS (MK3)

I believe Ford got inspired by Ken Block when they were developing the Focus RS because this car is anything but serious. The flamboyant exterior is more ‘Fast & Furious’ than functional, with all its excessive intakes, outlets, blades, and whatnot. Even the exhaust is big enough to swallow your whole hand, and it has two of those!

On the driving side of it, there’s a 315hp turbocharged four-banger spinning all wheels through some drivetrain wizardry with three clutches. It can send the power front to back and side to side - whichever one will grip more, or make the most smoke after you turn the ‘Drift Mode’ on. And to top it all, it has a manual shifter.

The RS is so much fun, it can even make light of a funeral. Tell me you wouldn’t cheer it drifting around with a casket sticking out the back.

4 - Lancia Delta Integrale EVO II

There's a saying: If you want to improve the breed, take it racing. For Lancia that usually means rallying. And with the new rules allowing only really mass-produced cars to compete, Lancia turned to their pathetic little family hatchback. Over the years it evolved things like bigger engine, turbocharging, four-wheel-drive, bulkier body and a ‘High Fidelity’ badge – I guess that means it’s not breaking as much.

Out in the wild, it dominated for six years in a row, setting the record for the most successful rally car in history, and on the streets, the reputation just followed. If you see one, don’t take it on. Sure, your car may be faster, but Delta can drive as the crow flies, straight over the curbs, parks, bushes, spectators... whatever.

And I love the way it looks. They say Italian cars are like beautiful women. Belle Donne. Well, Delta is more like some butch lesbo-hooligan then. I like it!

3 - Peugeot 205 T16

Before Delta dominated rallying, there was the Group B. Fastest and deadliest rally cars that could compete if you simply made 200 models for the homologation purposes. That’s nothing for big manufacturers who couldn’t wait to get up each-other throats.

The most successful among them was... Peugeot? Pugent? Pigeon? with their 205 T16, which actually was just a silhouette of a 205 hatchback on top of a mid-engine, all-wheel-drive monster! And thanks to the homologation rules, there are now 200 of these that are street legal as well. Slightly detuned, but hey.

This tall and wide off-road supercar, vaguely hinting at the mass production models for marketing reasons, has done away with any kind of practicality. When you lift the rear hatch, half of the car opens up like an oyster that presents you with an engine, but damn it, the Turbo Pigeon looks like a hatchback, it is fun to drive, and it gets the spot on the list.

2 - Renault Kardashian R26.R

And here is why you clicked on this video. The ass. Big, round, chunky ass. I didn’t quite like this car when it came out more than 15 years ago, I must admit, but today... the ballsy-ass design looks more modern than most new cars.

But enough about that. This French Kardashian sister in her R26.R attire is about as extreme as a hot hatch can get before it turns into a real race car.

The tires, for example, had fewer groves than Gordon Ramsey’s face. Body panels were carbon-fiber. Where the rear bench used to be now is a web of rigid scaffoldings. The rear window is just a thin plastic, and the seat belt is more like a six-point bondage contraption. No radio either.

The end result was the fastest front-wheel-drive car ever that was also skinny and had a big juicy ass at the same time. Now who doesn’t like that?

1 - Renault Clio V6

You’d think that this is another homologation special, but no, this car had no better reason to exist than simply being... fun. And to whoever greenlit this project, thank you!

But unlike the reasonable and practical regular Clio, the V6 was anything but. With all the space behind front seats taken up by the engine, there is so little storage room left - even Wizz-Air would allow you to bring a bigger bag. Plus, thanks to the added weight of that engine it was barely quicker than the regular hot Clio, but that’s not the point. It was wide, low, mid-engined and rear-wheel-drive, just like a proper supercar, and that makes a difference when you show it some corners.

To date, this must be the most visceral and engaging hot-hatch to drive, right up until it tries to bite you back instead. If you ask me, that just makes it more exciting.

So there it is, seven hatchbacks that are far from boring

And if I could add more to the list it would be these three. Can you recognize them? Write it the comments.

This thing goes like hell

Baby monster

More insane than fast

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