Top 7 photos of the week

38w ago


I've been looking through the DriveTribe photograph submissions this week and there are some absolutely beautiful ones. There is a quite a wide variety of different motoring niches, but I've picked my top 7 for this week.

7) Hanalei KR Jaquez - White Knuckle

A little bit of racing Porsche poking its nose out.

6) Chris Breeden - Hot rod heaven

Who knew hot-rodding could be so colourful?

5) Pedro Torres - Ferrari on film

Ferrari 488 on a movie set. Shot on film makes everything better.

4) Michal Krajcir - Cars & Coffee in Slovakia

Not a bad display down at the Cars & Coffee meet in Slovakia.

3) Pedro Torres - GT40 at Goodwood

The focus is all on the GT40 down at Goodwood.

2) John Coleman - Toy soldiers

It took me a moment to realise this wasn't the real thing! Fantastic photography.

1) Mitch Wolfrath - E30 Racing stripes

My absolute favourite photo this week is Mitch Wolfrath's (great name) up close and personal with the E30 M3 racer.

If you have any photos you want to submit for next week, either pop them in the comments, or post in one of the photo communities.