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Top 7 Scariest Cars to Drive, fit for Halloween

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Driving is such a wonderful thing to do. You, the road, the freedom it gives you... It’s almost poetic really. Well, not if you drive any of these cars, as they will fill you with the dread, horror and a creepy sensation that your life is coming to an end.

Hey everyone, Styp here, bringing you the list of top 7 scariest cars to drive. Let's go!

7 - Porsche Carrera GT

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Here’s a problem – all men think they are good in bed and behind the wheel, which if you own one of these will cost you your dear life. RIP Paul Walker.

The gorgeous Carrera GT will lure you in, the best sounding engine ever will invite you to press that gas pedal a little deeper, and the grippy tires will assure you that everything is just fine.

Until it snaps.

Once the grip is gone, you are on your own because this Porsche, although a product of modern age, has no driving aids whatsoever. YOU have to wrestle it. You have to manage the clutch, the gears, the torque, all while surrounded by tire smoke and screeching noises. Best start praying.

6 - Koenigsegg CCR

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If you are new in the crowded supercars game, the best way to get noticed is to beat them all down. Badly. It was a numbers game for Koenigsegg, and CCR finally made headlines with the Guinness top speed record.

The secret behind it was a twin-blown 806hp V8, which was way more than any other production car, and a body that is more slippery than an eel.

If you think that’s great, think again. The lack of a rear wing means less weight pushing down on those raging rear tires when it really comes hairy – in the fast corners. Not even The Stig could cope with it.

And I think it's just hilarious that Swedes have a car on this list. But not funny.

5 - Ford Pinto

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Just because this was a budget car, it doesn’t mean that it had to be engineered on a budget – which it was. Other than the uninspiring design, Ford Pinto also had a very dangerous design flaw as well, one that could literally kill you in a very ironic way.

If you were rear-ended, your bumper would, instead of making things better, puncture the fuel tank and make it leak or worse, explode! Once the flaw was discovered, suits at Ford did some math and figured that it would be cheaper to settle all the legal cases than to recall every car for an $11 fix.

Luckily the peer pressure, plummeting sales and serious damage to the brand finally forced the management to issue the largest recall in automotive history at the time.

4 - Opel Vectra OPC / Vauxhall Vectra VXR

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If you put a powerful engine into a front-wheel-drive car, you’ll have a problem on your hands. Asking those wheels to do all the steering while putting down the power and fighting for grip is just a bit too much to ask for. Unless you have some tricked-up front differential.

Hot Vectra didn’t have that. It had a standard one, it had a serious case of torque-steer and an even worse case of understeer. That meant that the Vectra will steer suddenly and violently under acceleration when you want to go straight, and it will go straight when you want it to turn.

Using a steering wheel then is pointless, and that is a scary prospect when you have 280hp family saloon car that can also do 167mph.

3 - Porsche 911 Turbo (930)

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These days Porsche 911 is a synonym for cold German efficiency, but it wasn’t always like that. You see, the history of 911, like Kim Kardashian’s ass, stretches a long way back.

Since... ever, the 911 had an engine in the wrong place - hanging behind the rear axle like some pendulum which was severely offsetting the weight balance and the handling. If that back ever starts fishtailing, you’re done!

And then there was the Turbo. Primitive ‘70s turbocharging technology had a lot of lag, so the extra power was always sneaky but violent. If was like suddenly being pushed by a freight train, at full speed, while in the corner, fighting that swinging ass. You might as well just give up.

There is a reason why they nicknamed it the Widowmaker.

2 - TVR Speed 12

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This whole list could’ve been populated solely by TVRs because of their bonkers philosophy – driving aids make you overconfident, and that would ultimately kill you. Makes sense, but still, TVRs are way too wild not to be left untamed.

The best example of it is the Speed 12. A car with enough power to destroy a 1000hp dyno machine. A car that weighed less than a 1000kg. And a car that scared Peter Wheeler, a racing driver and the TVR CEO into canceling the whole project soon after taking it for a test drive. It was that dangerous!

And who can blame him? Without the Ford Pinto kind-of-money for all the legal settlements, you’d be called a mass murderer. Maybe even trialed as one. Is that possible? Any lawyers in here?

1 - Piaggio Ape TM

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Chevrolet Corvair was described dangerous at any speed because of its rolling over tendencies. We all saw how bad Reliant Robin was when it comes to cornering because of its three wheels. But ladies and gentlemen, Piaggio Ape TM is by far the most frightening thing you could drive. Ever!

Trust me on this, I gave it a go.

It is based on a Vespa scooter, and it carries over the woefully underpowered 50cc engine. It is so prone to stalling, you have to keep your foot on the throttle even when it’s lifting the inside wheel like a weeing dog in the corners.

On the topic of lifting; if you don’t secure the cargo and it slides all the way back, the whole thing can tip over, raising the front up, toward the sky, like it’s a sunflower.

And as if tipping over in every direction isn’t bad enough, the interior is so tiny, your skull and knees are the crumpling zones. I’ve never been so terrified while driving slowly!

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