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3y ago

While on holiday in Portugal I needed a new game for my iPad/iPhone for when I was relaxing back at the villa. Being a petrolhead, naturally I went straight into the racing segment of the app store and found a game called Top Drives. I downloaded it almost two months ago and I'm still playing it and it's safe to say that I'm totally hooked on it.

Produced by Hutch Games with help from Evo Magazine, Top Drives is a healthy mix between the classic game of Top Trumps and CSR Racing. The aim of the game is to collect your own array of cars to challenge the competitive opponents in the career mode and multiplayer. With over 700 cars available, you'll never get bored... trust me!

The career mode consists of 15 different leagues that take place in various countries across the globe. Each league holds 10 different chapters with the final level being the 'boss' where, if beaten, will force them to give up their car to you. Each chapter features 15 different cards that you can select once winning the round and they hold either money, gold, XP or a car in reward for beating the level.

The tracks vary from tight circuits to snowy mountains where the choice of car with the correct tyres is the key to success. Ranging from off road tyres to slicks, you need to keep any eye on what will work best for the conditions. The cars are categorised into classes such as S, A, B, C, D and E depending on their performance capabilities.

Once the career has been completed then you can take part in a seriously competitive competition where you play against real player and their hands. Some people have seriously good cars like a Bugatti, so be careful! To keep it fair, opponents are selected together via their RQ level and trophies so people just starting out have half a chance to win. The more races you win, the more trophies you receive but these trophies can be lost if you don't do well in an event so keep an eye out.

The RQ level reflects on what cars you can use in your five car hand. Each car is equipped with a level that maxes out at 25 for the fastest cars and descends as performance is lost. If you're only at RQ 100 then you won't be able to use five 25 rated cars. It's hard to explain but very easy once you're playing yourself.

You can buy car packs with either in game money or real money that is used to buy gold that can be traded for the packs. It's not unusual for players to spend quite a lot of money on these packs as the game is very addictive - I myself have spent way too much money!

Below is a photo of some of my cars which I'm pretty happy with. I've got a while to go before being the top level at 125 RQ but I'm climbing steadily as my hand gets better and better.

You can view the game on the App Store by clicking the following link here.

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