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Top DriveTribe Creators Tell us Their Favourite Cars and Why

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There are lot's of members of the DriveTribe Creators Programme, who make great content of all kinds for you to read and enjoy. I decided to ask all of the creators and ambassadors in our group chat what their favourite cars were and why. I think you will be surprised by the variety!

Joe McCormick (Me😉)


Let's start off with my personal favourite car of all time. My favourite car at the moment is the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, purely for it's stunning looks, interior and V12 engine. The car is perfect for driving in the city, on the motorway, having a track day and just going for a drive in general. I would love to own one of these beautiful cars one day; though I won't be doing any drag races in the wet with it (cough*cough*JeremyClarkson*cough*cough*). While my favourite car does sometimes change - I also love the Mclaren 720s along with the Bugatti Chiron Sport - let's just take a look and appreciate this fantastic sports car:

The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera has the top spot for my favourite car at the moment. Image Credit: Aston Martin

Patricia Pedrosa


My favourite car is my MINI. It might not be the fastest one or fancy or eco - but it's the one that puts a smile on my face every single day.

While this Mini isn't quite so Mini, it still looks awesome! Image Credit: Mini.

Mustafa Arifeen


My favourite car is the Koenigsegg Agera RS1. It features incredible styling and performance and it’s all astonishing as it only uses a V8. It can also run on biofuel so it’s highly economical. The interior is stunning too and finished in an azure blue whilst the exterior is white, giving the car a very nice specification overall.

Image Credit: Evo.

Thomas Kim


"I like the VW Golf. It's weird isn't it? But I think it's the only car that can suit to everyone. Not handsome but not ugly, its style is neutral. But you have an enormous choice : TSI, TDI, TGI, GTI, GTD, R, GTE, e-Golf, 3 doors, 5 doors, estate, Sportsvan... Everyone will find its Golf for sure! :D"

I've got to admit, Thomas is correct! There are so many Volkswagen Golf's out there, that there can be a Golf for anyone! The second hand Market for the VW is also very strong, so it isn't a surprise that so many young people buy these cars as their first cars! It is the third best selling model of car in the world after all...

The latest Volkswagen Golf. Image Credit: Volkswagen.

Marcus Milligan


"One of my favorite cars would definitely be a Focus RS, I have a normal Focus and it’s great so having 350hp and AWD would only make it better."

The Ford Focus RS. Image Credit Unknown.

Joseph Le Corre


"My favourite would be the Volvo 850 R, because I’ve always loved the boxy design and the blistering pace!"

Image Credit: Wikipedia.

Ben Welham


"The 1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GTR because it is just the coolest thing in existence. Not only does it have the road presence of a Bison on wheels but it also has such a raspy tone and goes like the clappers!"

Image Credit: Coys.co.uk.



"I'm going to be completely cliche here and say the Lamborghini Murcielago. It was the first Lamborghini I ever saw and ever since then I've been a huge fan of the brand's outrageous cars. Lambos are proper bedroom poster material."

A 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago. Image Credit: Cars for Sale.



"Nothing, and I mean nothing will ever beat an an Aston Martin One-77 for me. 7.3 L V12 engine, outputting an incredible 750 bhp and 750 Nm (553 lb ft) through a 6-speed automated manual Transmission. And it bloody looks good too."

The phenominal Aston Martin One-77. Image Credit Unknown.

Matt Jeffray


"Ferrari F40, because it’s the purest and most beautiful supercar ever conceived."

Image Credit: The Drive.

Scott Nadeau


"The DeLorean, because nothing else captured my attention and sparked my love for cars quite like it."

Apologies for poor quality, this is the best I could find. Image Credit: Wikipedia.

Mark Holgate


"My first car... a 1963 EK Holden Special sedan. Because right there was the beginning of my love for all things automotive.

Image Credit: Car Wallpapers..

Vishal Thinahar


"Koenigsegg Regera, because it’s just so much cooler than any other supercar. It’s also very very fast."

Image Credit: Koenigsegg.

Tejas Kokcha


"I love the GTA-R not just because it’s an Alfa, but because it’s an Alfa that can be driven, that can actually function in the modern world and not in the poster of your bedroom. It justifies all the Italian car cliches. It reminds the modern age of what Alfa was in its day and what all the Fuss is all about. Being an alcoholic is bad, but being an Alfaholic can be really nice. This car celebrates the past of Alfa Romeo like no other. Alfa wouldn’t say NO to keeping this in its museum. Who knew a gem like this would hail from the quite city of ‘Bristol’. I am a true Alfa Lover and an Alfaholic."

Image Credit: Top Gear.

Stipe Pokrajcic


"1969 Corvette C3. Most beautiful Corvette ever. Analig, powerful and dangerous enough to keep you cruising only. Punch it and it will punch you to death.

And again... Beautiful!"

Image Credit: CorvSport.

Sunny Lam


"2002 Honda NSX-R, because it beat the 360 CS and the 996 turbo on the Ring with two hundred hp less😂"

Image Credit: CNET.

Victoria Zip


"My favourite car is the Lamborghini Miura... or no, wait. It is the DeTomaso Pantera. They are both impressively beautiful and I have no idea how they handle. Okay, so if handling doesn't matter, why not just go for a Countach? Sorry... I know this doesn't help. I just can't choose."

Image Credit: Hagerty.

Omega Husky


"I like the Subaru Impreza WRX STI, The Hawkeye although the one that converted me into a petrolhead was a blob eye wrx,

I like it not only because of the sound you can get with unequal length headers, it is also a practical sports sedan for the everyday life with a plus of comfortability, 300CV at all wheels handled by a adjustable differential with a beautiful noise and looks, what else you can ask for?"

The Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Image Credit: Unknown.

Stuart Porro

"It’s a tough call but I think it’s a 911-993 Carrera S for me. The combination of the handling, small size and connection to the drive makes it one of the ultimate driving cars ever made."

Image Credit: Porsche Club GB

Angus Martin


"I LOVE the original Alpine A110 with the 1600 engine. For a start, I think the shape is timeless and beautiful. The new one tried to modernise it but it doesn't look quite right in my opinion. Secondly, it was a great rally car that proved power wasn't the answer. It made do with a tiny 1,6 litre engine to dominate the Monte Carlo throughout the 70's thanks to its lack of weight and agility. Finally, I remember seeing one for the first time. The sound it made as it accelerated out of a 90 degree bend was astonishing! That will be one sight, and sound, I will never forget!"

Image Credit: Autocar.

Xavier Blackburn-Campbell


Image sent from Xavier.

"For me it has to be the biggest meme in F1 history - the MasterCard Lola T97/30. It was 11 seconds off the pace, driven by two talentless hacks and funded by an overly demanding credit card company. It only lasted one race weekend before saying "fuck it" and withdrawing from the sport. Why do I love it? For the memes..."

Martyn Stanley


"For me I think it’s maybe the Piper GTT. They were extremely rare, only made for a couple of years. Very well balanced - the gearbox was atvthe back - engine at the front. They were pretty successful in motorsport too. They were also very British. It’s hard to define what that means, maybe it’s the way the car cane to be or the unowned of them. They’re also very very low. I think I read somewhere the roof is lower than Ford GT40. There’s a pic of one in my garage on DRIVETRIBE . I have tried to buy one in the past but they rarely come up for sale. I think there’s less than 20 on the road today or something."

Image Credit: Classic Cars From UK.

Dionysis Nanos


"For me it has to be the Citroen SM. It's the best France and Italy had to offer. Great looks, Citroen hydraulics a Maserati V6 and driving dynamics that put Porsche to shame. It's almost 50 years old yet it still looks modern. Also Bill Wyman had one and that's just cool."

Image Credit: YouTube.

Jason Grunsell


"Ferrari GTC4 LussoT. I loved the FF and the love continues with the Lusso. It’s a love or hate it car. I drove one in Malibu for 4 days last October. Dare I say it’s a practical Ferrari and still bloody fast."

Image from Jason Grunsell.

Kiran Ganesh


Well, my favourite car is the Ferrari 458. It's the only car I went "wow!" immediately when I saw its picture, and I saw it when I was 10, in a magazine. Went online, did some research, watched some reviews (how good was Clarkson's review though) and my favourite car hasn't changed. It looks fantastic, has a magical V8, goes like hell and all three of the Grand Trio love it. Why would you not...

Image Credit: AutoBlog.

Josh S


And finally, Josh S - who really went in depth with his review on the Porsche 911 GT3 with a Touring Package!

"Okay, I have to admit that this isn't an easy question. I have told a lot of people what cars are great and what aren't, but it is my first time telling what is 'my favorite' one. There were many candidates, like Bentley Continental GT, the Porsche 928, the Ferrari F40, but the one I have finally chosen was the 911 GT3 with the touring package. I believe most of you will understand the amazingness of the chassis and the engine that revs up to 9000rpm, so I will leave that brief. To explain to someone who doesn't really know what the touring package is, the touring package is an option that will make your already fantastic GT3 into an even greater car. The option comes with a 6 speed GT manual gearbox and the deletion of rear wings. Also, the interior Alcantara is replaced with leather which also is very appealing to me. The reason the GT3 is my favourite is because it suits in every occasion. The standard GT3 is an eye catcher with a big spoiler saying "Look at me!!". But the touring package allows the GT3 to blend into the environment. Imagine going to a funeral in a yellow GT3 wearing a black suit. But in the GT3 touring package, you can wear a suit and drive it to work, you can pick up your children and if you want you can throw it in a tough corner at a track. The versatility that the Touring Package offers is the reason I love this car. The car is not stiff and hard as the GT3RS version, but at the same time is more fun to drive than the standard Carrera. Furthermore, the manual gearbox will be the main reason that this is my favorite because you don't get a manual gearbox in the 911 except for the Carrera T which is a bit Spartan for me. To sum up, the GT3 with the touring package is like an intelligent psychopath; ti is a wolf in a sheep's clothing. It can move around without getting excessive attention and it can also drive like a maniac if you want it to."

Image Credit: Motor1.

And there we have it. Some of the top DriveTribe creator's favourite cars. Thank you to all the DriveTribe Creators for having an input on this post! Make sure you all follow them by clicking on their links!

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